Monday, February 25, 2013

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create that fact. -William James

So this last Saturday, Blake and I decided to try being adventurous and I think we fell in love with a new sport and found one of our new favorite winter activities..

We have been wanting to go Snowshoeing really badly for a while now.. 

In fact it even made it onto the Bucket List..

So when we found a sweet group from the school who had set everything up and were definitely just as excited as we were... 

We hopped on the band wagon!

 & Definitely got everything that we had been hoping for..

There were few "guides" with us who had been before and were helping to teach the rest of us and knew the way through the Mountain paths..

So after they helped us strap into our showshoes we followed them down the road for a little bit and I remember thinking oh this is going to be easy.. 

Until our lead guide stopped and looked up at a steeep hill [if you could even call it that] that seriously went straight up and could in no way be called a created path... 
& told us that this was the way that we were going!

& Holy Smokes it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be!

But I don't think it would have been as fun if it were easy, and thank goodness through the blizzard we were snowshoeing through the hard work definitely kept us warm and happy..

This sweet guy is so funny.. I think he was born for outdoor activities. He seriously is SO good all of them.. 
[He was the only one in our group who could successfully cartwheel with his showshoes! I can't even cartwheel without any hindrances.. haha hopefully that means our children have a chance of coordination]
& He was SO cute while he was having such a good time..

As you can see, Blake is a lot more gung ho than me..

The further up front you are in the line the harder it is because [especially with how much it was snowing this day..] the powder was fresh and SO deep so the further back in the line you are the more it gets packed down..
There were ten of us so I feeling pretty okay about myself being where I was in the line.. haha I just wasn't going to volunteer to make it harder than it already was.

[This was TOUGH work guys!]

But boy was the hard work so worth it.. I have never seen the Mountains more beautiful.

I couldn't help but picture how the bears and animals must feel living in that peaceful Winter Wonderland.

& The snow falling all day made everything so beautiful, peaceful, and perfect.

Yes, that is Blake up there.. in front of EVERYONE blazing the trail up the mountain. haha 
What a man.

Through the first half of the hike it was hard not to look down at your feet.. It definitely is a different feeling than walking and it's hard snowshoeing up the steep mountain trails..
But when I finally looked up and realized all of the beautiful things I had been missing the whole time.. 
I thought about how that compared with life..

In life there is always going to be beauty even during the hard times..
& We can either focus on what is hard in our life or what is beautiful..
But whatever we choose to focus on will determine the people we are, the experiences we have, and our happiness. 

& Man, are there things to be happy about in life.

This guy with us on our journey was sweet enough to pack hot chocolate for us.. & Surprise us with it half way through..
How nice is that?!
It definitely made the cold trip so much more pleasant, 

Bless those people who are prepared.


There was this point during the journey that was seriously so cool. The wind blew the trees so hard that the snow blew all around us and everything was completely white and perfect..

It was so fun/beautiful/new and I loved getting to just be with Blake all day with no work.. and no school and nothing to worry about that I really was never wanting it to end..

But our bodies probably couldn't have taken a lot more.. haha 
& I am so glad that the day happened how it did.
Another fun adventure/first for the sweet marriage book.

I think that it's easy, especially in the Winter, to think there is nothing to do but there are so many cool things in the world no matter where you are or what time of the year it is..

I hope that everyone {myself included} makes the most of the time we have been given.. 

When we finally get around to doing these fun things and having these fun experiences I wonder why it has taken us so long..

Life is so much more fulfilling when we aren't caught up in the business of it all..

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Whoa, this certainly does look like an adventure! Maybe if I went snowshoeing I would feel a bit less apprehensive about winter. I am definitely guilty of hibernating!

  2. How fun! I've always wanted to try that too and now it's definitely on the top of the list! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog- I love yours! I'm a new follower- I hope you'll follow back :) xo

  3. The Mr and I have wanted to do this for so long! You guys look like you had an amazing time. I love getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Thanks for reminding me how important that is.