Friday, February 22, 2013

“Even the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary simply by doing it with the right people.” ― Nicholas Sparks

So on Valentines Eve..
Blake and I had this debate about who was getting up first because I wanted to finish putting together his present.. but he insisted that he needed to wake up before me..
So since his intentions seemed sweeter.. and maybe more secret important I gave in..
& man I was really glad I did..
He was so cute, he was really excited when he jumped on the bed and attacked me with kisses waking me up..
& Then he led me out into the living room where he had all of the candles lit and breakfast warm and ready on the table, my gift pretty and wrapped,

& He had baked and frosted our cute heart shaped Cinammon Rolls that my sweet mother in law had given to us to freeze.
{she has seriously taught my sweet husband very well.. I still can't believe what a gentleman he is}

& That cute little plant was my gift!
I seriously had to come up with a quite the argument convincing Blake that I actually reallly was hoping for another indoor plant for Valentines..
We always joke about it because my Dad, being the practical man he is, always buys my Mom and my Grandma potted plants (flowers) for special occasions instead of clipped flowers in a vase because he thinks they will last longer.. haha
But we always give him a hard time and joke about it.. so when I told Blake if he wanted to get me a plant I would be really excited he was like yeah right..
& After an analogy of how I would find a shot gun boring but he would die out of excitment for one.. and how that was how I would find a plant..
I guess he finally caved.

So for our Valentines Date we had been saving up and were planning on going out to a nice dinner and to FINALLY see Les Miserables at the fancy theater..
& As you can see.. I was honestly excited all day.I love being taken out on dates..
& Since we have been married we have definitely had to budget our dates more, so fancy things are quite the treat.

While I was waiting for Blake to get done with classes I took my time getting ready..
& FINALLY after an excruciatingly long wait..
Blake got out of class and we headed down to
 {the exciting city of..} Idaho Falls..

Unfortunately when we got to Olive Garden there was like an Hour and a Half-Hour and Forty minute wait..
Yeah exactly.. lets talk about forever..

{We actually weren't as upset as we may look..}

Blake invented this game where we have to compare all of the other people in the restraunt to famous people..
So we were absolutely dying of laughter..
& probably freaking everyone out because we kept whispering to each other and then bursting out laughing..
But it was really fun
[everyone should definitely try it it's funny who you come up with] and it made the wait go by really quickly..

& Since we hardly ever never go out to eat it ..
 Dinner tasted especially heavenly.
We had brought an Olive Garden Gift Card with us.. and at the end of our meal Blake gave the waiter our gift card and his credit card to take care of the [what we thought was] extra dollar..
& He comes back and tells us we have TWO dollars on the gift card..
I thought I was going to faint.. haha Thank goodness dinner was yummy and it was Valentines or else I would have probably died right there.

But  fortunately to lift my spirits..
it's not everyday that we get to go to the nice theater..
In fact.. we have been twice.. maybe three times ever.
And I was so excited I really like this theater it's significantly nicer than the cheap theater we are regular customers at..
Also can I just say that it's so funny that we got married.. we are so different in some ways.. like for instance in how we approach movies.
I am the person that says there is about 7 minutes of previews so shows up about 5 minutes after the movie time probably with Subway or some other obnoxious smelling food that isn't supposed to be in there..
Blake likes to get there {what I feel like is..} wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy early... haha
& Our candy/food bringing is a little more under control.
He's good for me as you can see.
But old habbits die hard.
So.. Moral of that story.. We got there super early because we expected it to be a lot more busy..
 & there was probably like one other couple in the whole theater..

But it made for good bonding time with Blake and I..
 And I seriously can't tell you how much I loved Les Mes..
I'm so obsessed.
I've been listening to the soundtrack on repeat..
I'm so grateful for the people in the world who make thought provoking quality art/movies/plays/books.. they seriously fill my life with so much more substance... & in my opinion consequently happiness.
From the bottom of my heart.. thank you for these fulfilling things.


 Also.. besides for this particular day of love, last week Blake and I had our TEN month anniversary..
& Even though we haven't done a lot to celebrate yet because of the craziness of life.. it still feels so good to realize that I genuinely fall more in love with this man constantly..
And I still wake up with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I get to be with my best friend forever.. before I found Blake I never realized what it would feel to never have to be alone and to have someone to share everything with.
& Oddly.. because of my slightly independent personality.. I have never felt anything more fulfilling.
Thank you for this life you've given me sweetheart, I love you with all of my being.
I'm sad that in a couple of months when I probably will stop counting our "monthly" anniversarys.. because now they seem so exciting.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Love Week/Day/Month..
[However long we can pull off celebrating for.. right..]

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