Saturday, February 2, 2013

Meanwhile Back in Rexburg..

It has been really cold over in these parts lately..

& By cold I mean.. freeezing.. seriously unnaturally cold.


Not to mention snowy/blizzarding/the next ice age..

I think it was the morning after it was -20 that our power
 [yes that means our HEATING
went out for quite a while..

& are you ready for this.. They CANCELLED classes at BYUI..
I have literally never seen that once in the last 4 years despite the blizzards and looow temperatures.
[I think this one may have been more because the lights were out.. but still.. this is big..]

One day we vowed to hide from the weather and not leave the house.. 

& You know what.. I convinced Blake to watch Brave with me and play games and we made our friends come over to us.. [those sweet people] and we succeeded that day.
But after a few weeks of this.. I think that we finally came to grips [at least for an afternoon] that this snow probably isn't going away any time soon..

So Wednesday afternoon when Blake was out of class and I didn't have any appointments for my new job we decided to give ourselves a self proclaimed...

Snow Day!

& I think that may have been just what we needed to rid ourselves of winter blues and to get through the week..

Blake is seriously the funniest/sweetest person ever..
Any time I get frustrated or down 
[I was having kind of a hard time motivating myself to work
He is so good at making me think about the positive things about the situation and normally he makes me take a break and do something fun with him.
And as you can tell by just looking at that cute face.. he is seriously really good at cheering me up and lifting my spirits.

We had so much fun  playing and goofing around in the snow I never wanted to go back to real life..
[Can you just look at all of that snow in the background.. isn't that seriously absolutely crazy?! 
No one could get out of our parking lot a couple of days ago it was so funny [[kind of..]] watching everyone in the complex slip and slide and push each others cars..]

I also just want to point out.. that we are getting to be pretty efficient snowman makers from our last couple of years of practice..
[ & Maybe that is because I roll for a minute until I can convince Blake he rolls so much better and so he should let me roll the big snowball he is rolling and roll my tiny one... and so I feel like it goes fast since I'm not doing any of the work! ha]

& This happens to be the same park that Blake proposed to me in..  
[ & where i genuinely made the best decision I've ever made..]

And this may have been the first time we have hung out here really since we have gotten married so I couldn't help but be so sentimental..

Life has been good to me.

I hope everyone else has been having a chance to enjoy winter.. 
& Isn't freezing to death.. 
Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

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