Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forget Not to Be Happy

There are some days when I am literally counting down how long it will be until Blake graduates Optometry school..
I have dreams of what it will be like not having to worry about money/budget so tight.. & going on trips.. and nice dates.. oh yeah and maybe not living in a world buried with snow..?
[Keep your fingers crossed for me.. I took a gamble marrying a sweet Idaho Boy]
But today I have been remembering the advice of my favorite, President Uchtdorf..
forget not to be happy now
When giving the example of Willy Wonka and finding the golden ticket in a candy bar he says..
“In their anxiousness, people began to forget the simple joy they used to find in a candy bar. The candy bar itself becomes an utter disappointment if it does not contain a golden ticket,” President Uchtdorf said. Whatever a “golden ticket” may represent to each person, do not put your happiness on hold as you wait for a future event, or golden ticket, to appear."
Therefore right now I am enjoying being sweet newly weds
[now my serious question of the day.. so really when are you not classified as 'newly weds' anymore..?]
  & have been finding ways to celebrate this upcoming holiday with what we already have.

& On That Note.
Tuh Duh.. The Craft of the Day..
Our new LOVE pillowcases
[Blake hasn't seen them yet.. I'm sure he is going to die..and never leave me alone to craft again]

Of course I never make the bed like this.. so Blake and I are going to be the only ones seeing these so thanks for appreciating them with me right now..
Aren't they so sweet and Valentines Season appropriate?!

We are so ready for Valentines Day over here..
[Any excuse to be taken out on a nice date.. and to be loved/love.. and celebrate all day is great in my book]
This here is what I call decorating for under 5 dollars..
My heart garland made out of Yarn & Construction Paper..
 & These beautiful candle holders are from my sweet Aunt Shiela and have been lit all around the house for the last couple of weeks.. I love them!
It is so fun to make our house a home..
& I am so grateful for all of my loved ones in my life that have helped us start out.
Now.. WARNING and then awesome news.. if you don't love PDA
 Turn Back Now.. haha
Blake made it home SAFE at 3:30 in the morning..
holy cow we were so worn out..
But I'm so grateful to have him back.. everything is back to how it should be.
[I'm not blogging and whining to everyone everyday.. and our apartment feels alot more loving & less empty]
I can't believe in a WEEK we will have been married for 10 MONTHS..
[This is last year on Valentines Day..]
I can't believe how much has happened.. but honestly how quickly it feels like it's gone by.
Thank Goodness we have Forever.
Thanks for making me the happiest girl in the world!!

[Sorry for all the mushiness everyone.. tis the season]

I hope everyone has an Awesome Valentines Week!


  1. Those pillow cases are the cutest! I might have to try and whip some up after the wedding!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment, Hailey! You guys are seriously the cutest couple ever...and I LOVE those pillowcases! Following you now :) happy to be "bloggy friends"!

  3. Girll I love this post! Your valentine's day decor is GORGEOUS!!! And I totally feel ya on the whole when are you not classified as newlyweds anymore thing ;) Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my blog, it really brightened my day! Now following your blog! I wanted to respond to your comment via email but you're a no-reply blogger...you should fix that! See tip #6 on this post to learn how you can change it:

  4. You can be newlyweds as long as you want. My grandparents who have been married 60 years still call themselves newlyweds!
    I love the pillowcases! So cute!!!!
    Have a great Valentine's Day!

    (visiting via Little Country Girl's blog)

  5. you two are adorable (: and i love your craftiness!