Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can We Just Pretend Summer Isn't Going to End... Please?

So something that I always enjoyed and looked forward to every year during the summer was the County FAIR..
My parents are the best and faithfully made sure to bring us every year.
& Sadly this year Blake and I talked about it, because partially we thought we would have to drive an hour away to get to go to one, and oh yeah since we always end up spending a lot of money when we go we decided we would have to skip it this year.
Then lo and behold the miracle..
Rexburg had a fair RIGHT ACROSS the street from us!
Seriously guys.. I think it took us less time to walk there than it normally does from the parking lot..
So.. of course we decided we would have to go.
& Like always, I am so glad we did.. because of course Blake kept me laughing through the night.
This is his demonstration of how big that 'head' of lettuce is compared to his head!
There are some crazy intense vegetable growers around these parts of the country!

So this is totally one of my favorite parts of the fairs.. I love the birds and the rabbits..
How sweet is this chickens feathers.. if I ever [go crazy... and ] want to have a chicken..
 it will look exactly like this.

I love how cool all of Heavenly Father's creations are & I am always suprised how many beautiful creatures there are here with us on this earth.

& Here is my favorite animal of the night, I wanted to take this baby goat home with us.. so sweet.
Why can't things stay babies for.ev.er?
{yes.. I'm probably going to be one of those moms.. haha}
[& Even though I loved it.. I have to be honest and say I just didn't trust this baby goat to not bite my finger off  which unfortunately made looking at the camera nearly impossible..
As you can see.. this was my best effort]

& Dun dun duh.. This tiny fair even had a couple Alpacas'..
[That's what makes it a legit fair right, when you have llamas?]

After the animals, Blake and I enjoyed the screams and the laughter
&& the lights of the fair for while..
I don't know what it is about rides and fairs but everyone and everything just seem so alive..
I love it.

And then we just relaxed and finished our night
watching & cheering at the rodeo..
& You want to know what I was sitting there thinking all night?
How lucky I am.. and how much I am suprisingly going to miss IDAHO.
[Once it starts snowing I will never admit that I said that..]
But there are so many fun things and people here and
I really have grown to love it..
And this is our last August here...
& Even though I am genuinely excited for our next stage in life..
I am really vowing to make the most of this year and just relish in our life now.
& here is a question for thought..
 What if we vowed to make most of our lives before things were coming to an end and we knew we wouldn't have another chance?
I think our lives probably would be filled with so much more satisfaction and joy.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Lovin'

This summer has been a busy, hard working one..
Blake and I have both been working full time [[& sometimes more]]
 & Blake has been studying a lot for his Optometry Admittance Test he takes in September..

And even though we have been working hard and sometimes I wish we had more time to play I often wonder if we are going to look back and miss this time in our lives.

We have been looking hard at different schools and places we want to move, at cars, and houses, and talking about families and planning our life together.
& Time has just been flying by..

I'm so lucky to have found this boy.. he is so good to me.

& I have to say during this stage of my life I have definitely learned more about the importance of communication, compromise, and putting others needs before your own than ever before.

I love being a wife..
 It's something I think that can be really fulfilling when you have found the person that is your best friend, and that you can let down all of your barriers with.
Someone who will love you unconditionally and that you can love with no reservations.

Because no one is perfect.. no relationship is perfect..

I think more than anything love is about both of you being quick to say your sorry and being quick to forgive.

Real lasting love/marriage I think is based on friendship.
Having that relationship with someone that will last beyond the infatuation and passionate emotions.

It's having someone who can be your best friend, who you can laugh with, and share you secrets and your dreams..

 & I hope that every stage in life can be this rewarding.

Love real selfless love to those around you..
 [regardless of who is the recipient of this love]
Brings real joy.

I hope everyone has been enjoying/enjoyed there last little bit of summer..

I sure love you all..
Thank you for the happiness you've brought to my life.

Monday, August 5, 2013

I Love This Land, God Bless the USA.

So I probably should blog about the Fourth of July now that July is over right? Because that would make sense..

I am really struggling with this keeping up thing..
So Fourth of July has always seemed to be one of Blake's most favorite holidays and this year I really got to see why.
My cute inlaws sure know how to throw a Fourth of July PARTY.

One of Blake's cousins lives on the road the parade is on every year and so they so sweetly invited us along with all of their extended family over for breakfast!

[You can kind of see the breakfast table all the way over on the left side of the picture]

They absolutely spoiled us, it was delicious.
And okay.. seriously how stinkin cute is their house..
All of it couldn't have been anymore perfect they were the best hosts and it was such a fun way to start out our morning.

& The parade was just one big festive event.

I will say Idaho Falls always seems to surprise me with the number of people that live here and celebrate these things! It was huge.

[Blake's cousin Annie was cheerleading in the parade and her niece and nephews sure didn't want her to leave, it was the sweetest thing.. and from her face you can tell that she sure thougth so too..haha]

I took a lot of pictures of the parade and didn't want to post them ALL but this one I couldn't resist.

I don't think I've ever seen a camel in a parade before, especially a star tatooed one.
 Haha my morning was made.



Then after the parade & after we ran to my inlaws house and hurried and made food for this big family picnic that was happening.
I got to go on my very first TANDEM BIKE RIDE!
Please note how Blake's feet are OFF of the pedals.. I think that is pretty much how our life goes.
[With me exclaiming "Blake seriously we are going to tip over, feet on the pedals!" and him just being happy & having fun]
Haha I'm glad he helps me enjoy life.. but I was actually a little nervous a couple times during this little rendevous.
I don't know if you've ever riden a tandem bike but although it is way fun, it is pretty weird.
Especially in the back when you absolutely can not steer, I am grateful I went with someone I trust because it's hard not being able to control your bike!
Another word of wisdom.. don't ride a bike of any sort in a dress, it puts a damper on how adventurous you are willing to get..

& This picture I absolutely love I don't know how/why it turned out this way but I thought the colors were cool enough I wanted to share it.
Also, as you can see.. Blake has lead us onto the GRASS..
and I just had absolutely no say in the matter, the roads just weren't exciting enough for him.

Then we had this big delicious absolutely homemade picnic.
There was homemade rootbear and french fries and donuts.. mm.. and okay okay.. there was chicken.. that I have to admit wasn't exactly homemade.. but man it was good.
I think I gained 10 lbs before noon!

& Blake got to shoot off his little fireworks stash that he has been saving since I don't know, 
before we were even married..
It's times like these that I definitely get to see the little boy in him.
It was seriously SO cute he was so dang excited.

& Then my little Bingham family went with us to a
Chukars baseball game!

I hadn't ever been before but this is the Idaho Falls Semi Pro team..
& I sure love watching baseball so I was way excited.

The game was really fun.
This part of the day I have to admit did make me a little homesick..
Farmington, my home town, is huge on baseball. Every summer they have the Connie Mack World Series and teams from all over come to compeat and it's something that has always really felt like summer to me. It's fun to go and see/catch up with seriously the whole town & I'm sad I'm missing it this year.
But I will say the Chukars game felt very festive and I was grateful we got to spend part of our Fourth of July here.

Thanks Sweetheart.

And THEN I got to see my very first fireworks show in Idaho believe it or not!

Seriously since I have moved here like  4 1/2 years ago every one has been telling me it's the best fireworks show on the west side of the Mississippi..
& I was a little skeptical,
I figured it was good,
But really that good?

& Guys, I think they might have been that good.


I don't feel like these pictures do them justice.
They were definitely the biggest/longest fireworks that I've seen that's for sure.
It was like a finale for literally a solid 30 minutes straight and they were set to amazing music &
They were the kind of fireworks that boomed so loud it just shook your heart.

& More importantly than the days festivities..
[although they were more than I could have expected or asked for]
I have to say that I. Love. America.

I am always so grateful to have been blessed enough to be born here and to be free, and through out all that is happening I still wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
We are one lucky group of people.

My home sweet home.