Saturday, January 28, 2012

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” -Dr. Suess

 So What Happens When I am Put in Charge of Date Night?

Oh things start getting a little bit creative...

I'm not a hundred percent sure where this idea all came from..
I just had one idea and the rest started rolling..
But last night I provided this cute lil fiance of mine with the best
DR. SUESS date he had ever had!
[was it the only one we'd ever had?.. not important.]

There were Dr. Suess Movies..
[That Blake had no idea existed.. you're welcome dear.]

& Delicious Green Eggs and Ham..
I understand what the Green Eggs and Ham character was saying to Sam-I-Am.. those thinks looked
 very unappetizing..
but they were.. very yummy.
[So now I will eat them in a house. & with a mouse. & here and there and everywere]

My dear friend Martha [Stewart] taught me how to make
 tissue pom balls..

Which I was amazed how fun and easy they were to make so more on that later..
But they definitaly added to the fun feeling of the date..

There was also SO much candy that both of us were..
on a sugar high after..
[Mostly Blake was jumping around like a child with too much ice cream actually,
 I was kind of on a sugar want to throw up]

& there was Cat in the Hat jello dessert after we were stuffed full of candy and other sweets.

And oh boy. Did I have a great time.
Blake was so cute and happy with me for planning a fun winter date
[which believe it or not is harder than you would think to do]
& I was happy he didn't make fun of me for making it look like our childs first birthday and he was such a good sport and made it everything I'd ever wanted.
Man am I sure lucky.. & how I desperately needed that break from school.

I hope that the weekend has brought you all lots of fun suprises as well.
Enjoy the rest of your days off!
Love you all.

Monday, January 23, 2012

"Champions keep playing until they get it right." -Billie Jean King

Well it's about that time again..

yeah. that's right.
Jazz Game Time.

Which means that when we have sweet generous nice giving friends who want to share their tickets.. 
a road trip is in order and we get to see a Jazz Game!
[I love it when that's what it means!]

 So this was our lovely Saturday..
 Just happy and road tripping a long..

When we were quickly reminded at how random the weather is here..
Which would be fine.. if when it snowed it did not give us surprise blizzards in the middle of our road trips!

So end of lovely Saturday Road Trip.
Hello Scary Icy Slushy Roads.

I was terrified naturally.
But... We Made It!

& it was a really awesome night getting to know all of the people Blake is going to be working with this summer.
I love the atmosphere of professional sports events,
Everyone is just SO excited to be there and in to what is going on..
& I don't care what you are doing.. I think that makes about anything more exciting.

We took some really great pictures.. 
Of the stadium.
What in the world are Blake and I doing in the way?!
The camera took care of that problem..

The Jazz Won!
Which always makes the games the most fun.

Now did we get home at four in the morning.. and have to wake up for church the next day at 9?
That is irrelevant.
But I will say that I may be rethinking late night Saturday road trips to Utah in the winter..
As fun as they may be.

Now on a more important note..

Happy Birthday My Anna Banna.
[Yes that says banna.. not banana.. thank you spell check]

Her  TWENTY FIRST birthday was Saturday!
[So if you haven't told her happy birthday yet.. It is definitely not too late]

& I hope it was the best ever.
Anna you are loved more than you know.

I hope everyone had a great weekend..
Happy Monday & start of a Brand New Week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." -Beattie Melody

Oh good morning my friends.

So guys..
[as may be apparent to most of you]
I changed my blog.  
& I'm I may or may not be sure about it yet..

But I received some good constructive criticism from a friend who was concerned he couldn't read some of it with my background.. & I'm really grateful for someone's input. 
So hopefully now it's more readable.. 
Is this how it's staying?
I'm not making any promise yet.

Second order of business..

Even though I feel as if I have become a blogaholic compared to how I used to be, so goals might not be necessary.. 
I have promised myself [and you guys of course] to blog at least 2 times a week.
[Which can I say that I have blogged 10 this month.. vs. 40 last year.. yeah. new years resolutions are going welllll]
I read in one of my family psychology books that it's a healthy practice to write down and narrate your life.
Which is funny because my church has always been so supportive about journaling growing up, so I figure that must be a true principle. 
SO I'm trying it.. and I will definitely be reporting on if I feel more emotionally healthy at the end of this year.

Now besides for my blog,
My apartment has been getting a nice remodeling as well.. 

[Can I just say how excited I am about having my own house to decorate..  ah. counting down the days.]

 Do these look a little familiar? 

This week [in between homework and internship searching] 
 I had to get a little bit crafty for our other wall.

Since I was definitely on a budget and a time constraint this was what I came up with..
I bought really cheap wooden block cut outs and scrap book paper.

Then I traced them on the scrap booking paper [make sure you trace them on the side that you are NOT wanting to cute and you trace them backwards.. I definitely learned that one the hard way] & just cut them out.
Then with a little bit of modge podge you can glue them on top of the wood..
& voila.

[These wood cut outs were super light weight.. so if you use the same ones you can just stick them up there with sticky tac.]

 Super easy. cheap. colorful. wall decorations.
What more could a girl ask for.

 & lastly..

Can I just say that I am so happy that you guys are here. 
So happy that you are in my life and have created so much more love and friendship in my life. 
So happy that there are those of you who read my blog and motivate me..
So happy that you guys make me so dang happy.

Thank you. I am SO grateful for all of you.

oh.  really last last order of business.
[kind of like p.s.s. those are still allowed right?]
 If you are in Rexburg:
Blake just text me and said..
 look at the good news FWD: Today @ Gator Jacks: Buy a Sandwich & Get a FREE Combo Meal Upgrade! That's Free Chips & a Free Med. Drink when you buy a sandwich!

So I know where we will be today! Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday Everyone.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"I wish your life was a show on Bravo. I'd watch it." -Mike Winer

Yes. This is Adam Martinez..

I call him dewberry because that is an awesome nickname & he happens to be an awesome friend..

Adam and I have been friends for quite some time now..  
& during that time..

I have saved his life when birds have used him for a toilet..

I have allowed him to throw dirty smelly fish water on me in public restaurants..


I let him persuade me into dancing in church buildings..
[Who even remembers who's idea that was anyway.. haha]

& overall we just have shared some delicious experiences together.
And you know what he does to repay me..
yeah.. he has the audacity [chantal.. that one's for you sweet thing.. :)] 
to go to FRANCE.. and not even invite me.
nice. dew. nice.

But the real reason I am writing this is because today is his 21st Birthday..

& I wanted everyone to know that and tell him happy birthday way over there in France where he has already celebrated it. :)

[ oh & because  he does happen to be one of my 21 followers.. and sometimes I feel that I am blogging to myself so.. being a follower deserves some special treatment...  haha joking.]

Thanks Dew.. for making my life much more interesting.

I hope you have the best day ever.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

" On life's journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him." -- Buddha

Last night the brilliant idea was posed
that we make a paper chain for the days we have left until our Wedding Day..
[Yes we have finally reached the double didget mark.. barely..]

So being the good idea using people we are.. 
We definitely decided to use that one.

92 days guys.. 92 days.

Also.. who remembers that Pheasant Blake shot when he should have been preparing for our new semester of school?

 Well to celebrate our three day weekend .. we ate it.
I ate that little bird.
[& just between us.. it was dang good. Pheasant.. is secretly delicious.. once it's plucked and skinned and gutted and no longer looks like a bird in any way.]

Other great news..
This Weekend Blake got this...

 Which means
In only three more months we will be enjoying the following..

Oh take that Rexburg 10 degree weather with windchill. Take that. 

That is all tonight.. 
I hope you all sleep tight.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

& I'm a Mormon...

I thought this was wonderful.
& a perfect way to start my Sunday off.. So I hope it helps brighten yours a little too..

This is Brandon Flowers and he is the lead singer of the Killers.
People like him really are my hero.
They stick to their values and what they believe in even when they have so many opportunities and it would be so much easier just to join the ways of the world.

I know that if we all could be as strong as that the world would be a better place and we would really find happiness and take pride in our lives.

Enjoy your Day of Rest.

Friday, January 13, 2012

“Everything you can imagine is real.”-Picasso

So my Darling Fiance has the coolest camera right..?
[Given to him by my sweet future Brother and Sister in Law this past summer]

But we hardly ever get to use it..

This past week though Blake has been feeling especially sweet..
[Normally jumping on the couch is a tad bit against the rules.. but.. like I said especially sweet]
& I've been getting to play with it!

Are you curious if I'm a pro photographer?

Because I definitely am..

Actually. You're right.. it was lots harder than it looked.. and the shutter speed and f.. somethings..
are all just really confusing to me..

Even when this sweet man was attempting gymnastic feets so that I would have quality things to [attempt to] take pictures of..

It was all one big struggle..
[jumping on the couch being okay made it so climbing on the walls and window seals were free game..
I guess it was free for all night

But luckily my teacher was very loving..

[If anyone else has any advice though.. don't hesitate to share.. haha you should see my camera using skills.. they quite possible can use all the help the can get..]

& I have faith that someday I'm going to get it..

So other pictures that make me laugh that I forgot that I had..

Any guess to what in the world is going on in this picture?

If you said Just Dance.. you were super close.. haha
That would have been my guess.
Santa brough our family an X Box Kinnect for Christmas!
& it seriously is.. the funniest thing to watch..
& the funnest thing to play..
[Ask my family who the bowling champion was... no big deal.]

Who a few years ago would have thought that you could virtually bowl and row boats, and travel Disney Land [pretty much do anything] by just standing in front of the TV and moving..
That my friends is amazing.

Now this handsome guy down here..

Is my artistic funny little BIG brother that may look familiar to many of you..

I think I'd be safe in saying every night [since I was probably like 12] my mother yells up the stairs to Mitchell.. & says FEEEEED YOUUUUR TUUUURRRTTTLLE.
mm.. yup pretty much just like that.
So one night when I was home and had too much energy I beat her to the job..
In the most Asian/English voice I could muster
I danced around the house yelling to him.."Feed Yo Tuwtle!" "Make Sho He Has Wata!"
& then when he had had enough of my little song.. and was coming for me..
I ran away screaming..
"Wow, I SO funnneee..."
& it's been our little joke ever since.

Now ready for the best news ever?

My cute little Brother wants to come up to school with ME..
& I am SOO.. so excited to get to see him more often.
I've been counting down the days until next Fall.
So.. keep your fingers crossed that my Dad decides it's okay to have two of his children living in the far away cold weather.

But guys. It's Friday!
& I am sure you all are just as excited as I am for this Three Day Weeked coming up..
SO just a few more hours and you're free..

I hope that you have lots of fun plans.. & have a great break!