Friday, January 13, 2012

“Everything you can imagine is real.”-Picasso

So my Darling Fiance has the coolest camera right..?
[Given to him by my sweet future Brother and Sister in Law this past summer]

But we hardly ever get to use it..

This past week though Blake has been feeling especially sweet..
[Normally jumping on the couch is a tad bit against the rules.. but.. like I said especially sweet]
& I've been getting to play with it!

Are you curious if I'm a pro photographer?

Because I definitely am..

Actually. You're right.. it was lots harder than it looked.. and the shutter speed and f.. somethings..
are all just really confusing to me..

Even when this sweet man was attempting gymnastic feets so that I would have quality things to [attempt to] take pictures of..

It was all one big struggle..
[jumping on the couch being okay made it so climbing on the walls and window seals were free game..
I guess it was free for all night

But luckily my teacher was very loving..

[If anyone else has any advice though.. don't hesitate to share.. haha you should see my camera using skills.. they quite possible can use all the help the can get..]

& I have faith that someday I'm going to get it..

So other pictures that make me laugh that I forgot that I had..

Any guess to what in the world is going on in this picture?

If you said Just Dance.. you were super close.. haha
That would have been my guess.
Santa brough our family an X Box Kinnect for Christmas!
& it seriously is.. the funniest thing to watch..
& the funnest thing to play..
[Ask my family who the bowling champion was... no big deal.]

Who a few years ago would have thought that you could virtually bowl and row boats, and travel Disney Land [pretty much do anything] by just standing in front of the TV and moving..
That my friends is amazing.

Now this handsome guy down here..

Is my artistic funny little BIG brother that may look familiar to many of you..

I think I'd be safe in saying every night [since I was probably like 12] my mother yells up the stairs to Mitchell.. & says FEEEEED YOUUUUR TUUUURRRTTTLLE.
mm.. yup pretty much just like that.
So one night when I was home and had too much energy I beat her to the job..
In the most Asian/English voice I could muster
I danced around the house yelling to him.."Feed Yo Tuwtle!" "Make Sho He Has Wata!"
& then when he had had enough of my little song.. and was coming for me..
I ran away screaming..
"Wow, I SO funnneee..."
& it's been our little joke ever since.

Now ready for the best news ever?

My cute little Brother wants to come up to school with ME..
& I am SOO.. so excited to get to see him more often.
I've been counting down the days until next Fall.
So.. keep your fingers crossed that my Dad decides it's okay to have two of his children living in the far away cold weather.

But guys. It's Friday!
& I am sure you all are just as excited as I am for this Three Day Weeked coming up..
SO just a few more hours and you're free..

I hope that you have lots of fun plans.. & have a great break!

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