Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. " -Aristotle

So here is me.. attempting to keep my New Years Resolution.

So why is it.. that although you grow older and.. supposedly wiser.. some things never change?
That seems to be the case with me and the first day of school. 
[Today as some of you know is my first day back to school for the semester]

I have had.. 13 first days before I graduated High School and 6 official semesters in College [which times two because every other day is different classes so you have TWO first days]
That equals 25 first days of school!
& I woke up this morning nervous. 

what the heck. 

Now lets talk about someone who's not nervous..
Blake is out Pheasant Hunting in UTAH the night before school starts,
[hasn't checked his books, time of his classes... or even moved or checked into his apartment ]

what even is this.

Did he invite me to go with him and his work you may be wondering?
no not even the slightest little invitation.. 
if I would have actually wanted to go or not.. is irrelevant.

AND further more.. he strongly believes that I am going to be eating this for Sunday dinner..

oy. me. 

Anyone had pheasant before?

Also.. last thing..
[although this may be kind of nerdy]
I think this song is just the cutest.. Pause my music and my page and make sure you watch the music video with the song,
the beginning is a perfect depiction of how I feel life is quite often.
 Have a good Wednesday!

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