Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh The Weepies

There are a handful of things in this blog post that might just be able to be entitled The Weepies.. quite literally.
Weepies as in I have the Weepies, we saw The Weepies, I WANT to be Weepie.. etc.

Lately I have been taking all of my pictures on my because it's easy and you get more pictures, right? Wrong.. wrong I tell you!

Blake was trying to be nice and fix one of my apps and decided to restore my phone and =
 ALL of my pictures from the last couple of months are gone.
I am so sick about it I can not begin to even explain.. I could probably allow myself to be pretty solidly depressed for at least a month. at least.

But seriously it's no ones fault.. my restore/back up on my phone really dropped the ball for me..
So I'm trying to not think about it.. we will just ignore the fact that my next few blogs will be pretty sparse on pictures
 (and the fact that I will probably be crying because of this while I am writing them) and move on.

If only I was on top of my blogging.. I would have had all of those pictures, right?

Anyway can we go back and address the surreal fact that we SAW the Weepies!
This was huge for us.. we literally started saving our pennies when we found out they were going to be in Austin (and by we I mean, I was sneakily saving our pennies so I could surprise Blake with the tickets at Easter time so we had a few months to be excited)

When Blake and I first met we were definitely bonded over our music and the fact that we liked similar things that weren't super common.. and one of our all time favorite long standing bands to listen to together (if not just our favorite) is still the Weepies!

So let me just repeat.. this was big for us.

My heart still drops at these pictures (thank goodness I took a few with our big camera) it was incredible.

 It was actually my first real concert and it really did feel pretty magical since I had been listening to some of the songs they were singing for the past probably 8 years.. and there they were!
In front of me, giving me goose bumps and (thanks to one of our sweet friends watching Emery) I was able to just sit and relax and be grateful for where we were in our life at that moment.

Now you may not believe that I was actually there due to lack of photographical evidence.. and I may not blame you.
But I assure you somewhere in the realms of space it existed at some point.. and so did many more[probably better pictures] than these.

And Blake is really fortunate that last minute I decided to snap this picture of his cute beardless face so that we will at least have proof that he existed here.
& Lets be honest.. he probably is a little indifferent about his picture being taken here.. but I'm grateful we captured at least something.

And even though this is a short little blurb with sparse pictures of a band you may not recognize.. this marks maybe our 3rd date night without our little Emery girl and a really special night for us.

It's so funny where life ends up taking you, and how it may not be where you would have thought in a million years- but on nights like these
 {when I'm picturing how happy my 17 year old self would be if she could see what I was doing now}

 I just have so much gratitude and am so thankful for what a blessing these experiences are and I wouldn't change a thing.