Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 Years & Counting..

Happy second Anniversary of Marriage to this sweet boy!
[April 19th]

I know I gush about him all the time.. I just can't believe it myself how happy
& fulfilling he makes my life.
It's funny because I was never one of those girls who planned their wedding growing up.. or even really thought about it. I even had accepted the fact that if I didn't meet the perfect boy I was completely fine with never getting married.. & if I DID get married I figured I would be ALOT older.
Anyone who knows me even knows that my dating experiences were even pretty short lived because I just couldn't see it going any where long term and thought it better to end it right away instead of waste our time..
But with Blake.. everything just felt right.
& One day I realized that I didn't ever want to picture my life without him. 
I was happier when I woke up and realized that this is my life than I was when I was asleep and dreaming.
He really was/is my best friend. I almost feel like he can read my mind and sometimes it scares me.
I just have never had the experience with anyone who understands my hopes and fears and what I'm thinking or feeling as well as he does & sometimes before I realize it.

I think that my brother in law put it really well a couple of weeks ago..
We were in the car with my brother and sister in law (Blakes brother) & we were talking about marriage and such and I was saying that I thought maybe since we dated for a while it was just an easier transition..
& My brother law was like well.. it also helps that you married the nicest person in the world.
And I thought about for a second and just agreed.. Blake is SO easy to love.

I always tell Blake I must have done something really good in heaven for God to send you to me..
& I really believe I must have done something right.
Blake is sweet, selfless, loving, hardworking, & so so much fun. I think he is as perfect as they come, I will love you forever Blake Bingham!
Thank you for choosing me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Big Day

So I will say life has been a little bit of a roller coaster around here lately..
Some good. Some not as good.. but that's life right?
Luckily however, the good.. has been quite good.
This sweet man of mine became a COLLEGE GRADUATE this last week..
Oh and seriously we could not be happier about it. I feel like I just finished college again..
[Probably because I love Blake and am so happy to see him so relieved.. AND because the fact that we are going to be able to finally move and progress ahead with our life is an extremely liberating feeling]
But Blake has worked REALLY hard for this day.. he graduated with 168 credits!
Which.. is crazy.  But he really wanted to squeeze his Business Degree in there with all of his Optometry pre reqs of Chemistry and Biology and so forth..
& Seriously he has not had a break from school in at least 5 semesters I can't remember exactly.
The poor guy was so buuurrnnt out.. and he kept going anyway.

I'm so proud of you Blake Bingham.
Thank you for being so hard working and  motivated..
You definitely deserve this degree.. and this time to celebrate you.
I couldn't be more happy or love you anymore.

& Just in case I thought the weekend couldn't get anymore exciting..
My cute mom and sweet sista drove ALL the way up to Idaho and stayed with us to celebrate for the weekend!
We took them to the coolest attractions in Rexburg..
Oh and let me tell you.. this tiny huge college town is the ideal vacation spot..
[There are probably only a few places that might be a little more exciting.]

But we went to eat at Gator Jacks..
The only place in Rexburg where you might think your in Disney Land and not Antarctica..
[My mom doesn't love having her picture taken quite as much the rest of us so I know I'm going to get yelled at for this one.. but I think you look/are perfect momma.]
Then we took this cute little thing on a tour of the campus..
& Worked on convincing her of the joys of going to school here.
Luckily the temperature was in the positives so I think it went a little better than it would have on other Winter semester days..
[I joke about the temperature alot.. oh yeah, because it is pretty awful sometimes.. but other than that I really have loved my experience here & am going to miss it]

& I showed this family of mine the tricks of good bowling.
If you become one with the ball & move with it it's good karma and definitely is the cause of strikes and high scores, I'm sure of it..
I'm sure of it, besides the fact that I may have gotten 4th place out of the 4 of us playing.. 
 minor detail.
Then we spent the rest of our weekend with these cute girls hanging out with our Bingham family, going to the temple, finding adventures around Idaho Falls, & talking and catching up and just enjoying being together.

 I wish they could have stayed forever.
Family is such a wonderful thing in life.. 
I'm grateful that these crazy people get to be mine forever.
& Congratulations to all of the others who graduated/are graduating this spring..
Because after 4/5 years I can't think of anything else that feels quite as good.