Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 Years & Counting..

Happy second Anniversary of Marriage to this sweet boy!
[April 19th]

I know I gush about him all the time.. I just can't believe it myself how happy
& fulfilling he makes my life.
It's funny because I was never one of those girls who planned their wedding growing up.. or even really thought about it. I even had accepted the fact that if I didn't meet the perfect boy I was completely fine with never getting married.. & if I DID get married I figured I would be ALOT older.
Anyone who knows me even knows that my dating experiences were even pretty short lived because I just couldn't see it going any where long term and thought it better to end it right away instead of waste our time..
But with Blake.. everything just felt right.
& One day I realized that I didn't ever want to picture my life without him. 
I was happier when I woke up and realized that this is my life than I was when I was asleep and dreaming.
He really was/is my best friend. I almost feel like he can read my mind and sometimes it scares me.
I just have never had the experience with anyone who understands my hopes and fears and what I'm thinking or feeling as well as he does & sometimes before I realize it.

I think that my brother in law put it really well a couple of weeks ago..
We were in the car with my brother and sister in law (Blakes brother) & we were talking about marriage and such and I was saying that I thought maybe since we dated for a while it was just an easier transition..
& My brother law was like well.. it also helps that you married the nicest person in the world.
And I thought about for a second and just agreed.. Blake is SO easy to love.

I always tell Blake I must have done something really good in heaven for God to send you to me..
& I really believe I must have done something right.
Blake is sweet, selfless, loving, hardworking, & so so much fun. I think he is as perfect as they come, I will love you forever Blake Bingham!
Thank you for choosing me.

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