Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

  SO ready for one long [and I like to think eventful] BLOG.
& a check off of our Bingham Family Bucket List?

Okay so on Microsoft Word I tried to draw lines on the map of where we had been on our travels after our wedding BUT obviously.. as you can see.. Word hates me..

So I'll help try to draw it in your mind..
We got married in Salt Lake City Utah and drove up to Idaho, then back to Utah, to Las Vegas and through Arizona, and then to Long Beach California.
Then after the Mexico Adventure [& a VERY expensive parking fee] we drove from Long Beach to New Mexico, to Idaho Falls Idaho, to Rapid City South Dakota, to Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, then to Chicago Illinois, to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and FINALLY to New Jersey.

Through all of that we drove through at least SEVENTEEN states!
& Holy Cow. What a Trip.
We weren't sure if driving coast to coast was on our bucket list.. but since it was done we decided to put it on there and mark that baby off.

Now let me assure you we did make the trip a little longer than it needed to be because we decided to pick places that we wanted to stop along the way instead of driving straight through just to make it a little more bearable fun..

So after the honey moon we went and saw both of our families and stayed with them for a [wonderful] day[ish] each..
& then we were off..


And the first stop was South Dakota!
Any guesses why?

Yup I'm sure you were right..
To See Mount Rushmore!


Blake had never seen it before and he has always wanted to..
& since I had enjoyed it when I went with my family before and it was kind of on the way..
We put it on the list.

& I'm so glad we did.
Because.. of course it was cool.. and I always love watching Blake get excited about things and how happy he gets.
But also.. it really started making me feel like we were a family on our family trip together.

[actually that same day since we saw Mount Rushmore in the morning] 
We were off to Nebraska.
[To see one of my very best friends ever]

My best friend Anna and her boyfriend Brandon moved up to Nebraska this past year for work..
& since I hadn't been able to see her in.. forever. I was SO excited that it worked into our trip.
And when we got there they completely spoiled us and took us out to the very nicest dinner Blake and I had had in a while..
& let us stay at their house and talk for hours..
[Because if you know Anna and I .. thats what we do.. haha]
Thanks guys we had SO much fun.. Love You Anna Banna. 

Then after our fun stop in Nebraska.. We were off to see Blake's cousin in Illinois and CHICAGO!

& I think one of the best parts of the trips for me was seeing everything in between.. 
it was so cool to drive through the different states and see the sights.
These animals in the picture above..
Are indeed NOT very large dogs as you may believe..
But real live BEARS just crossing the street..
& We saw Buffalo and lots of Deer and Antelope..
[Which gave my sweet husband a nice sightseeing break from me talking his ear off..]

Once we got to Chicago we were definitely spoiled again by Blake's sweet cousin Kayla and given home cooked dinner and breakfast and a warm bed and really nice company..
& it was SUCH a nice break from hotels we were so blessed to have that homey break.
& then they surprised us with SO much food to take with us..
[Thank you Savage Family.. you guys were wonderful]

& We were also given some direction on where to visit in Chicago..
SO our first stop was the beautiful Navy Pier.

We got to see Lake Michigan!

& Then this sweet Man..
Took me to ride on the huge famous Navy Pier Ferris Wheel.

I was the happiest girl in the world.

& Then for those of you who don't know..
[Like we didn't know before we got here]
The Navy Pier is kind of like a Carnival!

 So we got to just play around all morning until we were starving..
[& more so until our parking ticket expired..  haha]

& boy did we have a great time just getting to relax..

So when we asked my awesome cultured Brother in Law what we should do in Chicago he directed us to this delicious Pizza Place..
[Which um.. did I say was delicous.. if you stop by Chicago make sure you find one of these!]

Blake takes these really flattering pictures of me..
So I decided to throw one in just because it's a good depiction of our life.
Thanks sweetheart.

Then after touring the city a little more..

& of course going to see the AMAZING Chicago Theater!

We were on the road again..
 & after driving through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio
[& passing a million red barns in Ohio.. we now call it the red barn state.. or.. maybe I'm just calling it that]

And then a short overnight PITT stop in PITTSburgh..
[haha.. I crack myself up sometimes]

We finally got to NEW JERSEY!

The land of the green..
[Which obviously being from New Mexico this is a completely new experience for me..]
So if you are wondering where I am..
I am here.. probably wondering through the millions of trees.

This is the Husband and I's first home together.

And I know this has been a novel already but I have one last thing I need to announce..

I have the most BEAUTIFUL brand new nephew in the whole world.
This is Ari..

Congratulations Nic, Kirsten, and Daphne.
I love you guys!

Alright everyone I promise that's all for today.. thanks for hanging with me if you made it this far.
I miss everyone and hope you're all having just as many adventures and a wonderful Thursday!