Tuesday, May 29, 2012

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharlal Nehru

So after an awesome graduation for my old brother and a really great Farmington Reception thanks to great family and friends..
[THANK YOU.. by the way]
I am back to life now, back to work, and back to blogging..
[dangit. haha.It definitely wasn't a long enough break Blake & I are already missing the family]
& I am going to catch up on all of the fun things going on.. hopefully in the next... year.. or so.
just kidding.
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks!

So back to Puerta Vallarta 


When we got there we were seeing all kinds of awesome sculptures and cool things on the side of the beach but we were terrified to let them see us taking pictures because  
there hadn't seemed to be a person in Mexico who didn't want a tip for what the were doing or selling or making, or for you looking at them, or even walking by them..

But to our surprise the people that we were around in Puerta Vallarta were a little more relaxed and not always yelling at you.. 
[now don't take that as it didn't happen.. haha there was still some yelling to buy things.. just not as much]

& we got to explore some pretty cool things...

Some of these people had crazy talents,
Can you see the rocks piled in the back and how that tiny pebble is balancing those 3 rocks together?!
Blake and I had to sit and watch him stack his rocks together for a little while..
We had never seen anyone do anything like that before!

It's pretty cool to me that people do amazing things like this in their day to day life just on the side of the road!

After our Tour of Many Talents..
We um . found a Mexican Candy Shop!
& Being the responsible adults that we are.. we had to try everything!

& Then.. Candy in Tow..
We were back to exploring the town and experiencing the Mexican Culture..

[This is secretly how I felt about the first candy we tried.. 
It was covered in chile on the outside and was very... different than what we were used to..
& very very different than what Blake was used to .. I made it though just a little more of the sucker.. haha]

After a little bit of wandering..
We finally found where we had been looking for,
& Thank Goodness they were SO excited to see us too!

This was a Mexican Restaurant called PePe's that Blake and I had two people in completely different situations tell us we HAD to go to..

& Although they obviously weren't the BEST picture takers..
They were really good at making food.


They made our guacamole right in front of us and Blake and I both agreed it was definitely the best that we had ever had.
[Also if you ever go there.. they give you a ton of food.. Blake and I shared a plate and saved some of our pesos. :) ]

Then after our very festive, fun, authentic feeling lunch..

& Of course a [virgin] Marguerita

We were back on the road.
[& can I just say.. this bridge.. and the power lines.. and some of the safety regulations, or possibly lack of, were VERRRY questionable..]

On our long adventure we got to see beautiful Mexican hotels..

& houses, and people living in their houses..
[I was surprised how many people and windows open there.. and how friendly those people were]
And we just loved getting to see how people live and what life is like in this country..

Then after a little more sightseeing..
[uh yeah.. how cool is this guy.. any guesses to how he floats there all day?]

& after walking on the beach until we were exhausted..
We had to call our Mexican adventure to an end.

But I know that I [& I'm sure Blake was too] was SO grateful for this awesome opportunity to see somewhere new and to have the break that we did from everything..
I also was glad I finally could go to where everyone thinks I am from..

Now.. even if those people don't know the difference between New Mexico and Mexico.. I do.

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!
I'll be posting more stories soon in an attempt to be blogging about what is currently going on in my life someday.
So stay posted.
Love You Guys.

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