Thursday, May 17, 2012

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide

So Sunday.. finally after 3 days of driving and  
one late tired Las Vegas night..

Blake and I got to Long Beach and embarked on our very FIRST cruise! 
 [unless you feel like the little boat ride to Alcatraz and Disney Land boat rides count]

So here are all the things from my experience that are awesome about a cruise.. 

Getting to relax with the [new, finally] husband by the pool..
With no wedding planning, homework, work, or anything to do but enjoy our time together..

 Uh.. Room Service.

 One of Blake and I's favorite things at night was coming to the room after dinner or plays and getting to see our clean room with these cute little surprises!


We were going to make a collection of them.. but we found that when you don't unfold them they don't give you new ones!
So we made sure to mess them up every time we left.

More delicious food than I should ever eat in a week..
& fun fancy dinners every night..
[Where you can have as much as you want and NOTHING costs extra... now that is dinner.]

I got to try Lobster for my first time!
& Blake was a lot more adventurous and ate SHARK, Suishi, Frog Legs, and anything else weird they had on the menu

We got to get dressed up and go to fun shows they had on the cruise ship..

[One night they had Mexican dancers from where we had stopped in Mexico come perform a show... now it doesn't get anymore authentic than that.]

& then after we could go hot tubbing and watch the free movies that they had playing all day in our rooms!

They also had this really fun theater type thing called 
'Movie Under the Stars' 
where they projected a movie on the top deck right under the stars 
[haha I bet you didn't see that one comin from the name]
But Blake and I lovved it.

& after all of this Blake would normally convince me to go with him and get free ice cream.

& The Best Part of the Whole Idea of a Cruise?


That is just the traveling part!

They take you around the world.

& I finally got to go to Mexico..

After years of telling people I'm from New Mexico and them thinking I am from Mexico and should be speaking Spanish.

I finally feel like I have an understanding of where everyone thinks I am supposed to be from.

I'll blog about it soon!
If I don't blog before.. Have a good weekend everyone I hope everyone enjoying the end of school!


  1. Wow seams you are having fun, that's awesome! Did you already graduate? Your going to be living in NJ but but but why????

    1. Aw Thanks taylor :) I haven't graduated yet (hopefully this Fall) but Blake got a job in New Jersey for the summer so I found an internship here and we will just be here until August. Hopefully I'll see you in a week at the reception and I can tell you about it!