Friday, June 19, 2015

A Wednesday at The Gulf of Mexico

So I am definitely not sure that I would describe myself as the most spontaneous person in the world...
[In fact if you were to ask Blake about my spontaneity he probably would just laugh and have some joke for you-I definitely like to be organized and prepared and have a plan.]
Therefore I believe this beach day was a surprise to us all.
But somehow that just might have made the whole experience even sweeter.
Blake's work was cancelled out of the blue because they didn't have enough of a patient load..
[Which I am here to attest that I have never had my work just randomly cancelled-
I guess fancy Optometry offices can do as they please?]
And so instead of being grown ups we on a whim got in the car and ended up on Padre Island for the day. 
Oh and it was wonderful.
It was warm and pretty and perfect.. and we got sand absolutely everywhere.
And since everyone else is grown up on Wednesdays we ran and played and danced where ever we wanted and I was the happiest lady.

And this picture.. oh my heart and this picture.
Emery's crazy sun screened hair and that face.. trying to be obedient because we kept calling to her to look up for the picture even though clearly the sun was too bright.
She is such a sweet loving girl and already gets so excited when we are cheering for her and she can tell she has done something good.. 
Unless you are trying to put her down for a nap of course..then I don't think she really cares very much what you think.
But at the other times during the day, the face she gets when you are clapping and cheering for her is so proud of herself and definitely is my favorite right now.

And shortly after this moment my flip flop broke in the waves and I had to sea turtle searching barefoot. 
It's a hard life I know..

And I wish I would have brought a more water durable camera to capture how terrifyingly far Blake swam away from shore and all of our swimming and dancing in the warm waves but I'm not super sad about these chubby baby legged pictures we did get.

I think we could have stayed a few more days.. or weeks.
And I am here to tell you that even though you hear negative things about the Gulf of Mexico..
 at least Padre Island in May is a dream.

One that I might have to dream on all of these muggy rainy days to get me through our first warm, very warm, Texas summer.