Monday, May 21, 2012

The Old Mexico..

So first of all lets talk about how worried everyone was for us to come here..


Which I think was the source of why we got such an awesome deal on our cruise in the first place..
But then lead to me wondering if I should be worried..

& this guy.. 
[my cute husband..]
Got some great advice from his uncle before he left about how to see Cabo and not pay the thousands of dollars they want you to pay to do everything fun..
[because yes.. we are newly married poor college students.. on a little bit of a budget]

So the first day we get to Mexico right off of the boat I turn around and Blake is talking to the Mexican guy on the side of the pier..
[Who spoke VERY good English and ended up being very nice.. ]

& I'm freaking out like what are you doing get away from anyone who lives here they all just want to kill us and take our money..
[& yes the money part I think probably is true..]
But the guy ends up taking us to this boat he has with a glass bottom so that you can see all of the fish and everything under you!
& he is charging like a FOURTH of what the cruise ship charges for these tours..
So once we had other people from the cruise ship agree to go on it too..

[haha Mom don't be worried..]

We were all for it..
& it was SO cool..

& then he even gave us tortillas so that we could feed the fish and see them right at the surface..
Oh. Boy.
I have never seen such beautiful fish outside of the aquarium!

These little boats [especially driven by the natives] were awesome tour boats and got you super close to everything you wanted to see..

There was an island FULL of sea lions..

& our tour guide kept floating closer.. and closer..

And I was loving it and of course crawling as close to the edge of the boat as I could..
Because it was awesome seeing these creatures closer than I ever had before..
Then once I started thinking we were close enough for one to jump on with us..
 I was like okay okay.. thats probably enough sea lion time..

This is the Pacific Window..
Because you can see the pacific ocean through this little crevice.

& This I'll give you ONE guess to as what it looks like..

Yes. You're right.. It's Scooby Doo Rock!
 I'm glad to see that everyone in Mexico likes the same cartoons as we do in America..

& Here is the famous Cabo Arch..

The boat was rocking like crazy so it was hard to get a good picture..
So this is the only one we have with both of us and the arch.
& Blake decided then would be a good time to.. BLINK.. Squint. He informed me it was definitely squinting because the sun was bright..
So I guess we can use this picture since no one is blinking.


& The other side of this beautiful famous arch..

Then our tour guide came and dropped us off on the beach!

oh and it was NOT just any beach.. it was Lovers Beach.

[It was so funny everyone in Mexico would call to us and be like honey mooners come here.. honey mooners good deal for you..
We are like dang. How does someone look like they are on their honeymoon? haha
Wow Babe.. we just must be lookin SO darn happy]

But then we got to just play for a little while..

& enjoy the beach and the sun..
And just when I was questioning the fact that our tour guide was going to ever come back for us..
He sure did.

Then we definitely had to tip everyone who helped get us on the boat, and drove the boat, and saw the boat..

Then after our little awesome Boat Ride Adventure..
Blake and I decided since we had seen beaches before it would be fun to see Mexico and explore..

& It really was awesome being in a cute little foreign country..
Seeing the different culture..
With just me and my love.

We made the cutest little friend ever..
That probably if I could have I would have taken home.

& Besides for getting lost.. for.. an hour.. or who is really keeping track..
 We had a great time seeing everything.
Even the lost hour was fun..

We had a tour guide direct us to a Museum they had in their Town Square that we had to go to because their was a whale skeleton with "lots of benches"..
& We got there and there were parts of what looked like maybe could have been a whale..
And the museum was free and had squirrel skeletons and things that kind of made me laugh that you wouldn't ever see here.
 It defnitely reminded us of how lucky we are to live in America..
And how much we constantly take for granted.

However I do miss the Spanish music and fun atmosphere there.
Those guitar men.. had proffessional skills.

& We found some suvenirs that we loved and bought for our new house..
[Oh yeah.. that blanket may be one of them..pretty awesome huh.. we thought it said 'Honeymoon in Mexico']

So since my blog is longer than I thought it would be.. and always is longer than I think it will be..
I'll save the rest of Mexico for tomorrow..

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Monday.

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