Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"I find it so easy to get distracted - I try not to do more than one thing at any one time." -Elliott Gould

 I made a discovery today..

Blake and I may not  provide a conductive learning environment in class together.

He writes notes all over my notebooks.. and just talks to me the whole class period.
This=No learning. 
Come on babe.

 Oh yeah.. 
Guys I have a problem
If you have grown up with me you know.. my teachers have been well aware of this problem..
One teacher called the hallway my "seat"
One told friend's parents I was not to be friends with
[what the heck.. rude]
But.. it all boils down to one thing..
I talk. & sometimes I have to talk alot!

Having a class with my best friend is going to be a problem..
Because he's distracting of course.
& maybe because I have too much energy from 5-7 to have a class with him
But it was definitely more fun..
& I can't wait to go to it every week.
[Even if he writes all over my notebooks.. and makes hilarious comments of course]

Another thing I learned today..
Living in Antarctica could be worse..

& why is that you may ask?
Well when you get over the icy roads.. and the cold walks around campus and to and from school..
& the frozen fingers and ligaments..

You will realize that in the winter your car can double as a refrigerator..
yeah. you guys may have to move here in order to think that was as awesome as I did.
[Now everyone, my mother would be so disappointed.. so just a disclaimer.. this is not what we did in the desert..
But my theory is..
when in Rome do as the Romans,
& when in the sub-zero bitter cold icy weather, 
make the most of it ]

I had a really awesome recipe I wanted to share and a couple other things..
But it's getting late and I still have homework so it will have to wait until next blog.
But stay tuned... it will be soon. promise.

I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday night!

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