Sunday, January 8, 2012

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." -Ayn Rand

So for those of you who may have believed that my "toilet paper roll crafting" had come to an end..

Oh boy do I have a surprise for you.

[Don't worry it kind of came as a surprise to me too.. But what beats free house decorations?]

[I decided to make something for our empty living room wall last semester and attempt to branch my skills out a little bit..]

SO just a little reminder on how easy my last project like this was in case you didn't see it..

[along those same lines]
this is what the second one turned out like...

I personally really loved how they ended up lookin!
[So I was thinking that maybe someone else would like them and enjoy the idea.]

I was pretty proud of them on our wall.. and once again everyone was amazed that they were made out of toilet paper rolls and... free!
I made them pretty much the same as the other flowers I just added another petal to begin with and glued the sides of each petal [plain crafter's glue worked really well] and put them together.
Then I just built off of them and symmetrically placed "petals" around the center flower..

& I actually thought they looked pretty cool when you put the three different sizes on top of each other.
[So far I've been too lazy to make more than one.. but if that changes I'll make sure to make an update]

Then besides for being crafty..
life in between homework and classes lately has consisted of a lot of this..

What is this you may be wondering?
It is a registering gun! 
& I am not going to water it down for you.. I was definitely jumping around screaming a little to myself when we first started this.. It seemed like the ULTIMATE birthday list!
& It was so wonderful because I had my best friend to share it with me..

Don't be decieved now.. this whole registering process took a hundred times longer than we thought it would!
So here is my marriage advice to you..
you can do it online! 
[from the comfort of your home.. with as many stops and starts as you want]
Take advantage of that.
Now what else has been going on you may be wondering..
Oh I have just been trying to be as wonderful of a fiance as mine is to me..


As you can see it's obviously been going well.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend..
& you're finding ways to keep yourself from getting too bored in the winter!
Have a wonderful Monday.

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