Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Lovin'

This summer has been a busy, hard working one..
Blake and I have both been working full time [[& sometimes more]]
 & Blake has been studying a lot for his Optometry Admittance Test he takes in September..

And even though we have been working hard and sometimes I wish we had more time to play I often wonder if we are going to look back and miss this time in our lives.

We have been looking hard at different schools and places we want to move, at cars, and houses, and talking about families and planning our life together.
& Time has just been flying by..

I'm so lucky to have found this boy.. he is so good to me.

& I have to say during this stage of my life I have definitely learned more about the importance of communication, compromise, and putting others needs before your own than ever before.

I love being a wife..
 It's something I think that can be really fulfilling when you have found the person that is your best friend, and that you can let down all of your barriers with.
Someone who will love you unconditionally and that you can love with no reservations.

Because no one is perfect.. no relationship is perfect..

I think more than anything love is about both of you being quick to say your sorry and being quick to forgive.

Real lasting love/marriage I think is based on friendship.
Having that relationship with someone that will last beyond the infatuation and passionate emotions.

It's having someone who can be your best friend, who you can laugh with, and share you secrets and your dreams..

 & I hope that every stage in life can be this rewarding.

Love real selfless love to those around you..
 [regardless of who is the recipient of this love]
Brings real joy.

I hope everyone has been enjoying/enjoyed there last little bit of summer..

I sure love you all..
Thank you for the happiness you've brought to my life.

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