Saturday, February 9, 2013

While You're Away..

So in memory of what would have been date night..

[But really was just quality time with some really good/sweet friends..]

I've been going through pictures of previous date nights..
[While.. yes.. I definitely should be sleeping.]

Blake leaving is really good for my blogging/journaling/friend time

But oh how I miss this cute guy.

I can't believe how dependent I've grown on you in the last almost 10 months.. 

[I also can't believe how incredibly fast it has flown by..]

But man is life lonely without you.

Today I really missed our dinner dates and getting to talk and laugh all night and spend time with my best friend.

& I've missed how sweet you are and how you would do anything to serve me and make me happy.

I've been missing our cute living room tents and our creative fun laughter filled nights together..

& Most of all I miss YOU.

Blakey you'd think you've been gone for months.. the way that I cant sleep and am going through pictures.

I think the funniest thing of all is [believe it or not] I am actually a really independent person..I love "me" time. I love shopping/reading/going on drives and honestly doing things by myself.
[I love people too.. don't get me wrong.. I just always need a balance.. ]

SO I thought this weekend would be relaxing.. & that I'd get a lot done.. 

I also have hardly ever shared a room [only in college].. not to mention a bed before we were married..
And I am probably in more shock than anyone how much.. even when I'm just reading or doing nothing important.. it's comforting having Blake there.

However I really am going to stop being queen Whine A Lot.. Never Goes to Sleep Anymore..

But Blake I hope you know how much I adore you and how grateful I am for such a wonderful best friend who takes care of me and would do anything to make me happy.
Thanks for going on this trip and working hard to prepare for the future.

I love my life with you and couldn't ask for anything more.
PLEASE hurry home.
I miss you. :( :(

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