Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reasons to Reminisce About Friday..

So today, I am sitting here on this Wednesday wishing it were the weekend.. and in fact not just any weekend.. last weekend.

This weekend Blake is leaving me to go on a trip to Arizona to look at an Optometry School..

[Oh yeah.. and to stop in Las Vegas and hang out with all the other Optometrists to be..]

& Lets be honest.. I'm DYING. This is the first time we have not been together..
[more than for work or school.. or short errands.. and definitely never at night]
Since we have been married.

I'm going to die.. alone.. in a quiet empty apartment.. & yes I want to emphasize..alone.

Okay. I'm not freaking out that much.. but anyway.. hence why we are reflecting on last weekend rather than the weekend to come. 

So I love Friday.. not only because of the promise of the weekend and lack of pressing matters such as school and work.. but also because Friday is DATE night with my very best friend.
It's the one night of the week that I definitely get my love all to myself.

So this Friday we took a leaf out of a favorite wedding gift.. 
[from my sweet kayla].. 

& We had what they called a 'Buddhist Date'..

The purpose.. besides of course bonding with your significant other.. was to get in touch with your Inner 'Zen'

So to make that happen.. we got fortune cookies.. 
Because who better to teach you about your future and who you should be.. right?

& Made Chinese Food..
[I'm not sure how that brings out Zen.. we just thought it would be delicious.. appropriate..]


& I lit our Valentines Day Decoration Candles around the house..

& We planted our very own.. little.. 

Herb Garden!
[My sweet Grandma bought us this as a Christmas present and Blake and I have been dying to plant it..]

We absolutely love plants/gardening but we are not so great at keeping them alive.. hopefully we have learned enough in the last year however to make this one thrive..

[So far it's doing good.. and we have already planned out recipes to use these little herbs..]

We watched Seven Years in Tibet..
[So sad.. this poor guy gets put in a prisoner of war camp over in India.. and is having to escape..
I'm not sure that it brought me in touch with my inner zen more than it did scare me to leave the country..]

And.. dun dun duh.. We Practiced Meditating..
Not like this of course.. we were just posing like this to take pictures.. haha 
But I seriously have always been a big supporter of meditation so I thought this was fun.
The world gets so hectic and loud that I think it is healthy to take time out and relax and refocus on what matters in life so that you don't get to far off of the path you should be on..

Thanks sweet heart for the relaxing/fun night!

 I am so grateful for my sweet husband who works hard to make life more fun and is willing to get creative in order to make me happy. 

Thanks for making me the luckiest girl in the world!

I love you!

[& I'm already dying over this upcoming weekend/Friday.. you better have the best trip ever!]

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