Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Official..

 I have seriously been having NIGHTMARES that something would go wrong and someone would email me and tell me I still had classes to take and I didn't really graduate..
[It was all a big FUNNY joke..]

& With ever passing day that my diploma didn't come in the mail.. those creeping worries have been haunting me..

But alas my loved friends & family.


I really am officially done with my Bachelor's Degree.. 
This blessed piece of paper graced me with it's presence this week.

[Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!]
I almost died..

Why do we spend FOUR years
 [Truthfully I only spent 3 1/2.. but they were intense..]
Of our lives working for this piece of paper?!

We live in a strange world folks..

But nonetheless this is my favorite [most expensive] piece of paper in the world.

& In all seriousness.. I think I learned a lot more than just the subjects of my classes, I learned to plan and be organized, to work hard, to really work with others, to find answers to hard questions, to stick with something even when it is nooot fun, as well as all of the information that I remember from my classes and I hope/pray all of my Business-Finance [my Major] knowledge & my Clinical Marriage and Family Studies knowledge [my Minor] will be able to bless others lives.

What a blessing Education is.

Now.. with that being said.. Who wants to go to Graduate School for me?

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  1. Congrats girl!! It takes hard work to get a bachelors degree & if it were so easy so many more would be getting it!! What did you receive your degree in?