Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Happy St. Patricks Day..

Oh man guys.. I can't believe how BUSY life gets..

We have hardly had a second to breathe over here..
I have been just working and working and working my life away and Blake has been so SWAMPED with school and homework and lots and lots of tests poor man..
He is such a hard worker.. I'm so proud of him.
He makes Chemistry, Physics, Anat & Phys and all those other pre med classes look good.
[You're so awesome sweetheart.. i'm sure proud of/thankful for you]
But just a quick update while I have a minute today..
 To prove that we are still alive..
& I really am such a sucker for Holidays..
I think they are so much fun and definitely look forward to celebrating each and every one of them.
[A quality I think I inherited from my sweet fun creative mother]
I have a very LIMITED budget for decorating.. but I still try to stretch my like 5 dollars to do something cute..
SO I made this cute St. Patricks Day banner from fabric at Wal-Mart and things I already had..
[& Oh boy I was so proud of how my first banner turned out.. haha I'm sad the holiday is over for the sole reason that I had to take this creation down.. ]
& A trip to the dollar store.. [thank you whoever invented the dollar store..] made our house look pretty festive we thought..

Then for the morning of St. Patricks Day I made Blake this cute little treat...
& Suprised him with a whole package of Rainbow Licorice

Something about my sweet husband.. he LOVES licorice.. & I myself am not a huge fan..
[especially of black licorice.. yuck yuck yuck.. ]
So one road trip Blake was waving licorice in my face trying to get me to like it or at least try it and finally I grabbed it and rolled down the window and THREW it OUT of the car.. haha
And even though we still laugh about it.. I think we have agreed that we are just at a cross road when it comes to this candy..
So he was so cute when he got his little gift.. He was telling everyone at church what I'd made for him and seriously was so sweet about it.
Even though he probably just puts up with all of my cute little holiday whims I'm grateful that he is such a good sport and seriously he is the best "Oo"er and "Ahh" er everytime I make something or decorate the house..
[love you Blakey.]

Then before we went to my in laws for dinner we made...

GREEN St. Patricks Day Popcorn!

& It actually ended up being SUPER yummy..
I got the recipe from Our Best Bites..
If anyone is interested in trying their own..
[I know green is really an un appetizing color.. but i promise if you dont hate the flavor of lime it's really good]

Also.. Seriously does anyone even know where the tradition of St. Patricks Day came from?
Blake told me the story for our Family Home Evening on Monday and it really is kind of funny that we even celebrate this holiday..
But i'm not complaining.. any excuse to celebrate is alright in my book.
I really have been feeling so LUCKY..
Or probably more BLESSED is the word lately.
Even though we have been busy we have really been happy.. I'm so grateful for my job and the ability we have to support ourselves and pay for Blakes schooling.. and I'm so grateful for our Education and all that Blake has been learning.
I'm really grateful for the wonderful family and friends we have and really wish I could spend more time with each of you..
I love you all.
Also NEXT month I will have been married to my most wonderful man of a husband for a YEAR!
I seriously can't even believe it.. where does the time go?! 
But here's to the good things in life that we are all SO lucky for..
I hope everyone had a great St. Patricks Day.. And is enjoying SPRING..
[I know with all of the SNOW over here we are.. haha looking forward to the sunshine..]
I love you all!

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