Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our First Family Easter

So this year for Easter half of the Bingham side of the family left us for HAWAII.. and since Easter fell so early & during school we couldn't get away to New Mexico..
So my sweet husband and I celebrated our first major holiday with just the two of us.. and it really was so sweet, I sure got lucky with my good sported man..

I didn't work the Thursday night before Easter so I we decided that night was of course the perfect EGG PAINTING night..
So first however lets talk about whoever made the dye tablets.. Seriously there is no way to tell the colors apart there were like THREE of them that were red.. and the green tablet was actually ORANGE.. & who thought this was a funny joke?
As you can see our colors are a little bit NOT coordinated with the cups haha..
If I ever meet who designed these and chose not to label them..
I will definitely have a few words of exasperation.
Thank goodness somehow we survived the episode & the eggs got dyed anyway.. but next year.. there will be changes haha

Look at that cute boy.. My inlaws don't really like the commercial part of Easter and so this is a tradition from my side of the family that I have always just loooved and Blake loves me enough to pretend like he loves too :)
Just kidding.. he is quite the little Picasso.. I think by the end he was having fun with his little creations thank goodness.

We tried making Ombre eggs where the colors went from dark to lighter.. I'm not sure that it worked quite like it was going to in my head.. but they were fun, we were like little kids and not very patient..
Haha I kept having to check if they "were done"..
Maybe when I learn the virtue of patience I will also consequently master egg painting..

Yes, Please note again how closely related the dying colors in our Egg Cups are to the actual Cup Color..

But they turned out so beautiful and colorful anyway and I loved starting this new tradition with our new little family.


& To everyones suprise.. the Easter Bunny somehow remembered to make a stop at our little apartment..
I guess you're never too old for Easter.

{my present is wrapped up.. not a pillow contrary to possible popular belief.. haha}
We got an OVERLOAD of candy.. a few movies..
Blake got a backpacking stove and a new consecrated oil vile and other fun things..
& To top everthing off my parents and grandma spoiled us with so many fun treats as well.. My grandma made me the cutest scarf and we got Les Miserables {one of our favorites ever}..
& lots and lots of other goodies.. We felt so loved.
Thank You SO much I love you guys!

& Then I made sweet Blake find eggs with me.. haha & Man.. someone hid his eggs awesomely if I might say so myself..

& I was starting to wonder if someone was going a little easy on me..

When I started seeing eggs like THIS one! I had no idea how to get this guy out.. haha
Never a dull moment over here.. funny guy.


Then after Church..
[ I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of us all dressed up for Church.. ]
We packed up our stuff for a picnic and we started driving to Mesa Falls!

It was such a pretty warm drive, when all of the sudden we ran into a huge snow bank and had to turn around.. the road to the waterfalls were closed!
Dang Idaho.. Spring means.. SNOW still.
SO we went on a little road trip and found another place for our picnic..


Luckily I had healthily gorged myself on Easter Snacks.. haha so the detour didn't starve me to death and we still had such a fun drive together..
I love days that Blake and I just get to be together without homework or work or things that need to be done..
I love getting to appreciate the sweet blessing of my Marriage and all that we have.. and Easter was such a perfect day for that..

& Even though there is a lot of commercialism, we looked up why we have the celebrations that we do and eggs and bunnies are supposed to symbolize new life.
 I hope that everyone was able remember their Savior and the sacrifice and gift that he gave to each of us..
This is a beautiful time of year.. and we are all sure a blessed people.

I love my Savior and am so grateful for his Atonement.. it really has changed the person that I am.
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and we can all find perfect true JOY when we follow it and acknowlege where our blessings have all come from.
I'm so grateful for Easter.. & the time to remember.
I hope it was perfect for everyone..
Happy Spring!

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