Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And Then She Grew Up..

It's was kind of a tough weekend over here for this momma..
Thursday our little Emery baby had her first out of the house babysitting experience so that we could go to the temple..
{which was wonderful and what I really needed}
But it's so funny that even though I was feeling relaxed.. I also kept feeling like a longing and just emptiness missing my baby.
I don't know why they give you all of this advice because they don't want your baby to get "too attached" (which side note.. I don't think you can love your baby too much)
But why is no one ever concerned about the too attached mother. Haha That's more our issue over here.
She handled everything just perfectly.

And THEN last night this little sweet pea of ours spent her first night in her nursery!

And it was time.. She loves her crib and sleeps better.. And everyone over here has been pretty sleep deprived.
But even knowing all of this I still wanted to cry a little bit before going to bed.

But the craziest thing happened... we actually experiences this crazy sensation I think some people refer to as.... Sleep?

Emery slept a straight 6 hours last night.. which around these parts is absolutely REMARKABLE.
And the weirdest thing.. even though I have been tired.. I have felt like I have gotten used to not sleeping.. {which who knew that was possible}

After about 5 hours I woke up and had to make sure she was alive and when she didn't seem to want to wake up or eat yet I had to give myself a pep talk about sleeping for a little bit longer.

So we see who is the REAL problem here.

We are only a little bit obsessed around here..

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