Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

You want to know what I love more than brown paper packages tied up with strings?
This sweet perfect baby girl of ours.

Oh my GOSH I love this girl
 [even though right now I AM having to type with just my right hand because she wont sleep when I put her down]

This picture was taken right after this sweet girl got us kicked of an optometry presentation at Blake's school.
How can you even get upset at this face?

Emery just loves.. loves.. loves attention. She is so funny while Blake will be studying she will just sit there and stare at him until he looks at her and then as soon as he looks over she will SMILE and wiggle and move just every part of her body and even giggle sometimes. It's seriously the cutest.

And any time you walk in to go get her out of her crib her HUGE smiles make you feel like you are the best person she could ever see in the world.

And my very very very VERY favorite thing right now is how talkative she is.
She just sits there and jabbers and goo's and aw's and if you will make baby noises and talk back she gets so excited and seriously will just sit there and talk with you for at least 15 minutes.
I cant believe how much I love it and how warm she makes my heart.

We keep trying to record it though and it seems like if she sees you pull the camera out she either gets distracted or feels like you aren't paying attention to her and all bets are off. So we have lots of really cool videos of our one sided baby talk.. which I'm sure would impress everyone.
But I'm praying that we can get a good video before she stops doing it.. It does hurt me a little how fast she changes.

Our little Emery girl is 2 1/2 months old now and even though people told me she would..
(and seriously I didn't believe them because you keep thinking HOW could I love how this perfect baby is any more?)
She really does keep getting better and better.

At her last doctors appointment ((2/23/15)) She weighed 11 lbs and 9 oz and was 23 inches tall..
Which apparently is in the 73rd percentile for height!
She better enjoy this being tall thing now because I am just not sure she has the genetics to keep this up.. haha

She still is the absolute most cuddly baby ever. Emery absolutely loves to be held and cuddled.. to the point where I don't understand how it's comfortable.. sometimes she won't fall asleep unless her face is smashed against my face.. which, don't get me wrong, sometimes I absolutely adore because I love to cuddle too. 
And it sounds cute until I need to eat.. or accomplish absolutely anything.

Then it can be a little bit hard.
She is still a little bit young and there is just no reasoning with this little girl.

[baby carriers have become a little bit of a lifesaver... they have bumped productivity around the house from 0% to probably.. 25%.. feel free to be impressed. haha]]

I love how she absolutely ADORES the mirror. It's so funny. She will be crying so Blake will take her to go look at herself in the mirror and all will be right in the world again.
This particular mirror was definitely in a public bathroom but it was definitely her favorite part of our shopping experience so I spent WAY too long in this public bathroom making faces and sharing smiles with my sweet girl.
Now that is how you know it's true love.

This picture she is quite a bit younger in.. definitely only a month .. she was still sleeping in her bassinet and I looked over one night and she was just staring at me like this.
She kills me. She kills us.. Blake actually tells her this daily.

[[You're just so sweet.. & cute my little love bug.]]

But I wanted to address the fact that yesterday and last night she has slept 7 hours straight! 
We are new people over here..
[hence the catching up of the blog..]

Definitely in life with our Emery girl.. 
Nights feel a little longer.. and if I don't get up before she does mornings start a little slower.. and although I was joking a little earlier with my productivity comment I definitely don't accomplish the same things I used to in a day when it comes to daily chores and life organization..
BUT my heart feels SO full.. and even when  I am exhausted I feel so grateful.

I have seen a few comments lately about infertility and just wanted to add a little by saying that trying to have our sweet girl definitely was an emotional journey for us.. complete with miscarriage and months and months of negative pregnancy tests and not knowing why I wasn't getting pregnant.
[don't get me wrong I know that people have it far worse than we did.. but it still hurt going through it]
But I just wanted to say that I feel like it has made me SO much more grateful for Emery. It's made me want to savor every minute and helped me to find joy when I am covered in spit up or baby poop or any other bodily fluid.
It's all so worth it.

& I know that there is a reason for everything even if it's hard to see it while we are going through it.

But anyway I just wanted to also put down for the record.. things are getting easier.
People tell you it will but.. it's REAL. It really happens
I seriously thought I might die for a few weeks.. having a newborn was still happy but definitely hard.

I don't know if it's that we are sleeping more or that my sweet girl is more interactive and happy and we are getting used to each other.. or what it is.. but for some reason it's getting easier.
And really it's absolutely blissful. I just feel like I have so much to be grateful for everyday.

Being a mom is my very favorite thing.

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