Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tricks of the Trade

A big new-ish thing in our life around here lately has been this diaper changing business..
{& Unfortunately so is Blake not getting home until well after the sun has set and the day is almost over}

So I figured with his Spring Break maybe we could eliminate both of those things..

And Blake seemed like he needed a little bit of a stress reliever so I thought I'd try and start the break off right.

SO I looked up how to make a marshmallow gun shooter, made a couple of  trips to Lowe's, learned how to cut PVC pipe [which let me tell you-was not as easy as those few words make it sound].. 
And then had this waiting for him at the door.
With a little Eye of the Tiger playing in the background and me hiding around the corner ready to cover him in marshmallows.

And... it really was awesome. I couldn't believe how hard we were laughing.. it made it a little bit harder aim and probably gave Blake a better fighting chance.

Plus I figured that a perk of living on your own has got to be that nobody tells you not to shoot marshmallows all over the house, right?
So it makes sense to me that you probably should do it.

Then when I thought my sides were going to burst from laughing and running so much.. Blake tackled me 
[and from what I understood-admitted defeat]
and then cleaned up all of the visible marshmallows around the house!
[I am still finding one every once and a while behind things]

This man really is just my dream come true.

And Emery was sweet and slept through the whole escapade.. 
Maybe we should have marshmallow fights every night before bed because I am just not quite sure rocking works as well.

& This little moment was definitely one of the many reasons I cried when Blake had to go back to school.

Only 6 more weeks until he is out for summer.. but who is counting.

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