Sunday, March 8, 2015

Good Thing I Really Like These People..

What kind of face is this?!

Recently all of the sudden it has been much harder to get all of the things done that I feel like I want to/need to
[in the house that is.. for some reason, probably because I hold her in her front carrier, she is a dream errand runner]..
And this my friends may very well be why.

I tried to have her play by herself on her play mat for a minute while I did the laundry.
[[ &If you were wondering the laundry did not get finished for a little while longer.]]

She wasn't even crying..
she just kept looking over at me with this face like she was about to cry but she was giving me a couple of minutes to come to my senses and get my act together..

My little pouty faced Emery is two months old?! How does she already have such persuasive abilities...?!
I believe that I may be in trouble...

Therefore we will not even begin to discuss who won this battle.

And THEN there is the other protester of organized folded laundry in my life..

 It's probably not his fault though.. I feel like I may be leaving him too subtle of hints..

[Just Kidding.. I actually feel a little bad even giving Blake a hard time because he studies so hard in school and still finds time to help me SO much around the house and I'm sure he could find lots of things lately to tease me about .. he just gets the closet and floor confused. Easy Mistake :) ]

But boy.. how cute are these two..

[If you will hold her/cuddle her she is happy as a clam so Blake is nice and lets her be his little study partner]

And I keep telling myself she probably wont want to cuddle this much for long so I should just enjoy how much I love it right now..

And even if the laundry doesn't get folded right away anymore..

I feel so lucky that these people like ME.

There is so much love in our house lately.. and even if this phase of our life has a lot of things that seem hard.. there are a lot of sweet things too and I've been feeling pretty blessed.

And boy does that pouty face make for some pretty good laughs right now.

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