Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Week Off

Alright.. you want to know what is the worst?
When San Antonio is COLD..

What in the world.. I thought after enduring an extremely hot summer we were off the hook for the rest of year?
Further more that is why we moved here?!
Does that mean nothing to you Texas.

And the audacity to be cold while we have visitors.. the AUDACITY.

Alright.. well now that I have gotten that out of the way.. you want to know what is the best?


Visitors.. and visitors that just happen to be really good friends.
My old roommate {{For I think 8 semesters.. my whole college experience not married}} and one of my very best friends, Shelby, flew all the way to Texas to meet baby Emery and see us for a week.


Besides for the cold weather the week was just a dream.
Shelby is a nurse at Primary Children's Hospital in Utah so she taught me a baby trick or two.. AND she sweetly played the role of our first non relative babysitter so that after I don't even want to talk about how long  I could go get my hair done.

& Lately in this life of mine with a newborn these things are definitely noteworthy life accomplishments,


And even though it was cold we agreed to embrace our inner Idaho survival instincts and showed Texas that we weren't going to let it bring us down.
Which thank goodness Shelby was there because this little companion of mine couldn't even open her eyes when we were 2 feet away from a carnivorous leopard... so it was probably in the best interest of everyone to have a little more interested third party.

 We also decided that we all needed to get into the Texas spirit while Shelby was here and since it was in town we
{or maybe I.. & everyone was at least nice and humored me}
concluded whats more Texan than the RODEO..

{{And from the following reactions I will say that I think that  
my little family may need to work a little bit on our being Texan still..  
maybe next year..}}

Clearly Emery really enjoys all of the fun things that we bring her to do.
Oh my sweet child. 

Also I would like to please note that Blake would not listen to a country song willingly when we first started dating.. nonetheless wear a cowboy hat.

We have come a long way in our lives.

[You never know what kind of pictures you are going to get when you have those strangers that just happen to be in the right place at the right time take your picture..
In fact I have to be honest and say that I am always slightly worried that they will take the camera/phone and run or drop it.. or I don't know.. the possibilities are endless.. ]

But some days if everyone is in the picture we count "the stranger shot" as a success.

We spent an afternoon doing the traditional Alamo and then having such a fun dinner and desert listening to live music at the Riverwalk.

And it was perfect.. San Antonio felt even more like home with Shelby here. 

There was a lot more fun that we didn't get pictures of.. Shelby came and explored the busy farmers market with me down town.. and we had lots of talking and eating and much needed girl time.

Sweet Shelby I absolutely love you and don't how I was blessed enough to have such  a good friend, thank you for coming to see us and letting us take a week off of real life to just play.. it meant the world!

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