Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Weekend in Connecticut

Our friends Shane and Brittany are seasoned East Coasters..
& not only know the in's and out's of everywhere..
But even have connections on this side of the country


 So when they invited us to stay with them and their aunt and uncle in Connecticut for the weekend we were counting down the days..

& Since there was a big storm in NJ that took our power out..
The get away came at a perfect time. 


I seem to constantly forget that sometimes..
you just need to RELAX.


Our talented friends and their family spoiled us to death with music and delicious food and a bbq..  

& basically let us spend the WHOLE day in our swimming suits..
That is definitely something that um.. I didn't even know happened after you were like 8..
[especially in NJ.. it's a law to have a life guard so pool hours are super short and conveniently right when we have work]
so we enjoyed every second of it.

One short weekend was all it took to have Blake and I drooling over this beautiful green state..
[I can't help myself.. how dang cute is he in this picture.. :) ]

Oh man. 
East Coast we Love You.
Don't make us leave.

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