Thursday, July 12, 2012

Okay, I'll say it: I love Stew Leonards. I love Stew Leonard's like every other red blooded American out there.

Have you ever fallen in love with a GROCERY STORE before?

Oh yeah weird. Me neither..

However..  the World's Largest Dairy Store..
Now that is an entirely different story.
Definitely in love with that.

[Just a little apology first.. I have done a TERRIBLE job of taking pictures of US.. which is no fun. But I'm going to try and be better about it.. and hope that you love the places that I think are cool as much as I do.. until I get more pictures of.. oh yeah.. real live people.. and stuff.]

A wise person once said.. "If an Ikea and an Amish Market had a baby.. you'd get Stew Leonard's."
But I would like to add a Disney Land..
[Because uh Disney Land is awesome.. and really where else turns every regular day to day thing into an adventure]
These are the Dixie Sticks.. and yes.. yes they do pop up and down and sing to you.

This is a very special picture..
Because not only is it a real live show of how Stew Leonard's puts their milk together..
But today it is also the only picture you will get to see of me..
[If you look really close in the reflection you can see me taking the picture :) ]

Just the mooing Cow..

& Above the Refridgerated Dairy isle there is an extra special treat..

Just a singing.. dancing..

Moving.. BIG show!

Now who hasn't always wanted that when they were picking out their flavors of yogurt for the week?..

I felt like I couldn't turn away from being entertained..

They have a train that travels around the store..

& They have different little flipping people every where depeneding on what section you are in..

I'm not positive I could permanently shop here however..
Because look at this arrangement.. who wants to mess up these cute put together barrels?!

& Then each section had a show that explained why you should buy the product surrounding it..
[Which of course we had to.. and you should.. watch each one of them]

& Besides for never having been so inclined to buy Banana's before..
I can't help but laugh at how much is out there in the world that you never even hear about really but is SO cool..

I will forever be impressed with the man that made grocery shopping an adventure.
What a smart fellow.

& If you ever are visiting Conneticut or New York I would say you wouldn't regret taking a little bit of time out of your day just to see this place.
It definitely made our weekend more interesting.

Love you all.. & hope you're having your own funny adventures..
& A great Thursday!

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