Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time in New York City..

So this past weekend was wonderful, 
& I can't even believe how lucky I was..
I got to have a little piece of home with me in 
New York City..

My beautiful sweet friend Kayla came to visit New York City this weekend & definitely made my whole summer!

I lovve being out here don't get me wrong..
But there is of course no place like home..
[& no one like your best friends to make your day]

Kay and I have always been the best of friends growing up..
& Through our elementary school years her family surprised us and we got to live just a couple of houses down from each other!
And luckily through out everything we have always stayed close.
So you can imagine how exciting it was to see each other on the east coast and hang out in NYC!

She had already been here once before so we decided to just explore a little bit..

& Thanks to Kayla's good ideas we got to experience lunch in China Town!
And boy.. was it an experience. haha
Luckily after we got over the slight language barrier 
[Oh yeah.. and just the fact that we were the only people that weren't Chinese in the whole restaurant.. when they say China Town.. they mean China Town. ]
The food was absolutely normal.. delicious. 


[This same day another one of our friends bought this from China Town.. If you want a little bit of a laugh go ahead and read it :) ]

Then we got to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.. 
and it was SO cool!

I forgot to mention that the husband was a wonderful sport.. 
 Even when given the option to hang out with our friends and avoid all the girl talk.. he wanted to hang out with us.
[What a good man.] 


I think he even ended up having a great time..
[We are both still SO awestruck with this city every time we are here.. love it.]

& If he didn't at least we got to show Kayla how professional we are at taking pictures!

I felt like you could see so many cool things from up there..


 & We definitely soaked it all in.

& I don't think I ever got over how HAPPY I was to be able to spend the day with these two...
Not even taking account of how crazy it was that we were on the east coast in the city.

Our next stop was Wall Street..

And seeing as all of us have Finance as parts of our majors this was something that we had all been learning a lot about and 
we all really wanted to see..

& As we helped ourselves to the guided tour that was going on next to us.. it was really interesting to learn how it all began.
[& yes.. the street was really named after a Dutch Wall if anyone was wondering]

We got to see [in my opinion] the most famous Bull in the world..
But it was soo famous that it had people lined up down the street to take pictures with it!
[A little too famous for our taste.. so we just admired it in all of it's glory from a distance..]

& Then because we couldn't help ourselves we had to stop at the free Native American museum!
Haha.. It's all we girls from New Mexico have grown up knowing.. 

I guess it's embedded in our culture forever.
& This is more the kind of Statue of Liberty we are used to!

Then we took the scenic route taking Kayla to the 9/11 Memorial where we were so sad to say goodbye..

[Oh yeah.. I obviously thought I was special enough to just be in all of the pictures or something.. holy cow.. picture hog]

Kay thanks so much for letting us see you!
Blake and I both love you SO much & I am so grateful everyday to have such a good friend.
Thanks for the perfect day.

Then Blake and I had one more stop to make before our exciting hot day got the best of us..

The oldest Toy Store in the United States..
The famous Fifth Avenue New York City Toy Store!

This cute mouth watering toy store has been in the movie Big with Tom Hanks, the new Smurfs movie, then in some older movies Mighty Aphrodite, Big Business, Baby Boom..

[& yeah.. I know I haven't watched those either.. but trust me.. it's cool]

We found some GIANT candy! 


That beauty right there is the World's LARGEST gummy bear.

& We got to play on the GIANT piano!
[Which is only $250,000 if you want to buy it at this store, so if you want to live in a tent but have a cool piano... this is the purchase for you!]

& Even though we will unquestionably never be able to afford one of our own..

We had a BLAST figuring out how to play this giant one at the store.
What a fun idea.


We love New York City and FAO Shwartz!

Then after ice cream and NYC hot dogs and  
literally falling asleep in Central Park..
We decided we should maybe call it a day.

I'm so grateful for time with friends and loved ones that help you forget the stresses of everything else in life.
This weekend was such a blessing.

Especially while my sweet family was vacationing in Denver.. I sure missed them & was grateful to my Heavenly Father for cheering me up.

I hope everyone else is doing great, enjoying summer, and finding time to rest!
Happy Wednesday, love you all.

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