Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moolah in Da Poolah

Oh my sweet friends I wish I was so much better at blogging..
We have had so many dang cool things happening 
[admist the hard work and long hours we've been putting in] 
& This summer has definitely been a roller coaster of emotion and has hardly seemed real..
I promise I have fun stories for you coming soon..

But as for this morning...

Our boss woke up everyone this morning by getting 
100 gold coins
& letting everyone DIVE for them!
Can you say.. oh GOOD MORNING..

They were put into teams and Blake and his friend Alex won the chance to dive first.. 
They had the snorkeling gear we brought on our Honeymoon.. & my personal opinion is that they looked like a couple of Squidwards from Sponge Bob..
SO I couldn't help myself from cheering after them as Team Squidwards... I'm sure they appreciated it.
Funny Men.

But we definitely had a great time starting our day with a little extra moolah..

I hope everyone else's Tuesday has been going just wonderfully!
Miss you all.

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