Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh Welcome to Plainsboro..

 Last night I was talking to one of my best friends and when I tried to tell her about the cute little Township that we are living in I decided it would be much easier to show her..

[How cute is the word Township anyway.. haha not exactly what you expect when you live so close to such big cities]

& Since probably the majority of our loved ones won't be able to see it either while we are living here..

Welcome to our current home..

Ever since we have gotten here I feel like we have walked into a book from the early 1800's..

As I'm walking around
the town square..
[& yes.. they have a town square]
I am surprised everyday that I don't see Elizabeth Bennett or anyone walking around in those beautiful old styled ball gown dresses.
[& If you've ever read the Work and the Glory..
This is definitely along the lines of what I was picturing as I was reading..]

I love that it is so small..

Because being car-less and without internet.. it's such a blessing to be able to walk to the grocery store, the post office, and more than anything.. the library.

& I think that all of the houses out here look just like little perfect doll houses..
Which definitely doesn't make it feel like "real life" since I am used to adobe South Western style houses..
But it definitely helps it feel more like a foreign adventure/experience.

 & Although I don't know that we will ever be able to afford a beautiful doll house like this..
[ & yes our camera converter is temporarily out of order so I couldn't use the pictures of the houses that I took.. but these are in our township and you get the same idea]
 We have been so spoiled with our apartment.

We live right in the middle of the golf course,
& I feel like we live in a zoo some days..
At the beginning of the summer the apartment crew explained to our boss that they were out looking for a TURTLE!
& There are rabbits and squirrels running around so much that you try your hardest to avoid them.. 
There are more geese than I've ever seen in my life. Honestly.
Gopher/ Beaver like creatures
 [that Blake explained what were.. but I can't get over what they look like to me.. haha] 
& The first time I went running in the golf course I saw a pelican-stork that was probably up to my nose.. and possibly the closest living thing to a pterodactyl that I may ever see.

It's definitely different.
& There are days that are hard with my internship and Blake's job.
[ Oh and with our two flat tires, car over heating in the middle of an interstate, handful of broken car parts, an exploding computer power cord, camera, and slight increase in bills.. ]
But that's life..
& The hard days make the good days even that more special.
And everyday I can't get over how lucky we are to be here and I really will be sad to leave when it's over. 

I hope everyone is loving summer & got a break from life this weekend.
Happy Monday.
I hope it's a start of new great week.

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  1. This town is great. I love the small-town feel. In a way I think it's kind of cool that you don't have a car and no internet at your home!