Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wings and Things

So Spring Time in San Antonio is an absolutely wonderful thing..
Now Summer on the other hand... we won't talk about Summer in San Antonio..

But Spring.. the weather is beautiful and a perfect warm and there is so much to do..

Unfortunately Emery doesn't quite know when she is supposed to be having the time of her life yet..

And maybe she gets that from me..

But at least Blake was cute.. {and brave}

And eventually our little Emery baby started to realize that we don't actually see birds eating on our arms everyday after all and warmed up to them..

I kind of have a feeling that she tried to grab one of them in fact because if you see above picture this little birdy seems like he was putting her in her little curious grabby girl place..


And eventually I kind of got my act together too.. kind of..

 & I think we were all ready for a round two.. or ya know maybe for a trip to the rain forest.. if someone could just work that out for that would be great too.

I love the little stage Emery is at.. she is so much more aware of things and seems like can see things a lot better and it's been seriously just an absolute joy to watch her seeing the world for the first time..

I mean.. that face.
It kills me..
As much as we have read The Hungry Caterpillar book you would think she would not be quite so perplexed..
Maybe she was thinking "hmm.. so these DO exist"

But the little kid in ME was in heaven at the butterfly pavilion..

And it's hard to tell in all of the pictures but they were just everywhere around us!

I even tried to sneak a couple of them home with us.. or I mean.. I would have been all for trying if I would have known they were so sneakily trying to hitch a ride..

And they actually were a lot harder to get to stay on you than you would think.. so we were all kind of celebrating this accomplishment.
I love Emery's little excited face!

She is a little slow to warm up to things but once she gets used to what's going on she can be soo cute and involved. 
And this picture I love.. 
Not because you can tell that the worker behind us knows that we are probably about to run off with all of her butterflies as you would suspect.. 
But I love that you can see some of the blue and orange butterflies around us.. this I think captures how the experience felt more than other pictures.

Oh she kills me..
But I think we were all pretty satisfied with our spring time morning..

I'm so grateful for the beautiful things in the world that make the bad seem not as bad.

Spring Time please stay forever.

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