Friday, May 1, 2015

Little 4 Month Old Emery

Oh my gosh what a SWEET experience it is to be a mother..
I'm not sure what it's like to be a mom to every child but boy it's wonderful and somehow keeps getting better and better being the mother of this beautiful little girl.. 

There is nothing like rocking your baby to sleep so snuggled into you and having her keep opening an eye and peeking just to make sure you are there.. or having her cry and realizing that all she wants is her mom to hold her.

She really is my best little buddy and I feel lucky like I can't believe to have my Emery girl.

Blake and I every night before bed talk about how happy she makes us and what a blessing it is to have her.

But I will say that she can make it very hard to document her life..
And every night lately I feel like I am crawling into bed hardly able to keep my eyes open.

This sweet girl has so much energy and absolutely loves people.. she just smiles and kicks when the people around her give her attention. But when you are NOT paying attention to her she will definitely let you know that you are SUPPOSED to be.. at all times. No exceptions.

Oh.. how I wish I were a photographer... to capture Emery's wiggly smiles often takes someone much more skilled than I am with the camera.
When she is smiling she does this cute thing where she moves her head around really fast and then hides it after she smiles really big at you.
I have this feeling that when she can move on her own and um once the house is baby proofed-is that important? she {and I} will have a much easier time in a lot of ways.

This girl just wants to MOVE.
I wouldn't be surprised if she started crawling soonish, she gives it a good effort everyday..and if I put my hands on her feet to give her something to push against she can move across the room.

As much work as she definitely can be.. this little stage of her life absolutely gives me butterflies.
 I love her and the things she does so much.
The past few weeks have felt just like an explosion of growing and learning.. 
Towards the end of 3 months she started rolling {from her back to her front} and that was fun the first few nights when she would act like she was absolutely the most suffering girl in the world and must be suffocating at 2 in the morning until I came to save her.

She coos like she is telling you the most important story in the world.. 
And almost out of no where I feel like she has just started loving and being so interactive with her surroundings and noises and toys... 

It's been so bittersweet watching her grow.. definitely  mostly sweet.. but there are friends of ours at church that just brought home a newborn and made me realize that Emery is absolutely GIANT grown up.. just kidding.. but she is not a newborn anymore!

She is probably 15 lbs or so has the softest hands and big blue eyes.. and the most wonderful little cheeks that jiggle when she is in her stroller or bouncing at all and that I can't help but kissing seriously at least 1000 times a day.. she makes lots of messes like you wouldn't believe, um is the best shopping buddy if you want to hold hands and not get any shopping done very fast, loves her tummy being kissed and tickled, has the most adorable giggle I've ever heard, absolutely loves her daddy-they really are so sweet together he gives her piggy back rides and they have dance parties and she laughs and smiles like you wouldn't believe.. 
And even though I keep feeling like I am never going to feel rested again..

She is an absolute gift from God.

And I'm sure there are more specific funny stories that I would love to remember..
{Maybe like how all of my hair is falling out and I am probably going to be bald within the fortnight... but is that funny.. really?}

But the little lady keeps reminding me that my quick moment of free time is now up..

So if I survive four month old Emery maybe I will be able to tell you more when 5 months rolls around.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hailey, you are such a cute writer! I can hear your voice saying all those sweet things. Those pictures are adorable too. You and Blake are so blessed, and sweet Emery is blessed to have you for her parents. Love you!

  2. Adorable. Amazing. I love it.