Saturday, May 9, 2015


School is out for SUMMER!!!

And we aren't very excited about it.. Can you tell?

Maybe now that I have a little bit of parenting help I will have more time to blog..
[In fact Blake and Emery are out Mothers Day shopping right now together.. how stinking cute is that?]

& Speaking of Emery.. if you were wondering.. she is expressing her excitement by watching us from the sidelines smiling and kicking like her her parents have gone crazy..

We thought we would spare the baby from smelling like man and having shaving cream coming out of her ears for days.

But I don't even care if I DO smell strongly of man musk all week and if some how I ended up with a gallon more of shaving cream on me than Blake did..

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and proud of this guy for surviving the hardest year of school in his life.

If for nothing else I might miss school for the feeling that it brings you when it ends and you are finally free!

Happiest Summer my friends!

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