Thursday, May 28, 2015

This Guy

I don't know if you've ever kept a journal but for me I always feel like I look back and read what I've written and I am a mixture of embarrassed and looking around trying to decide if I should just rip it out or take more drastic measures and burn it so as not to take the risk that anyone could ever see..
I kind of had that moment with my blog.. 

Maybe that means I've matured? And.. maybe that means I just write the weirdest blog posts that I am going to be embarrassed of in the future? Hard to really say.. 
But after a little break I decided since I can't bottle up and save all of the smells and sounds and feelings of life this is probably going to be the best I can have at saving all of the times I want to remember.

So.. speaking of things that I want to remember, that brings us to this husband of mine. 
He really is great.. if you know me you probably know that I think that he is great and are probably tired of hearing about it.

But last month was our 3rd wedding anniversary, can you believe it? And I just can't help it.. I really do mean it. Blake was definitely made in heaven just for me.. I think we are little kids stuck in [[slightly]] grown up bodies. The above picture is a picture of when Emery fell asleep and we climbed
 [& trust me a word like climb doesn't do justice to my un-gracefulness without ladder] 
on top of our roof to just look at the stars and talk and be together where the world is peaceful.

Being married to your best friend and living in a real live house together {with a roof and everything} is pretty spectacular

Happy 3rd anniversary to my very favorite choice, best friend, and greatest adventure. Blake has taken me  road tripping from coast to coast and been with me my first time firefly catching. We've gone to our first Broadway Play, camped on the banks of the Mississippi River, Ice Fished and Snowshoed.. Gone to bed laughing so hard we hurt.. Graduated with Bachelors Degrees and pursued our dreams and this last year experienced our very greatest adventure of all-becoming parents!
Whatever I did to get lucky enough to have him I'm not sure but I'm so grateful. I love you forever Blake Bingham-you've given me the greatest years of life and THAT's something I want to remember.

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