Saturday, April 11, 2015

hi, I'm hailey and my baby hates to nap..

I've been saying that I need to join a support group for parents who have babies that hate taking naps..

The unfortunate thing is that it seems like a very small population and those in said population are probably so exhausted that if they get a moment to themselves they would rather nap then begin/attend my support group...

The thing is though even though I hardly have a moment to myself and being a mom to my sweet girl takes so much more of my time, mind, heart {me} than I thought that it would, I think that it's a very blissful exhaustion.
Don't get me wrong I definitely feel like I've been going through an adjustment, everything that I've experiences in the last few years [College, Full Time Job, Graduate School] has been a lot more structured and gave a lot more feedback {even praise} for how I was doing..

Oh and get this! It ended. If I stayed up to do homework at night it was a choice and I could sleep after that assignment was due and never did my job call me at 3 in the morning and require that I work.

But I have also never worked for something that I feel so strongly about..
I had this thought the other day when I was just thinking about hobbies and making time for me.. 
that being a mom is my passion.

And even though it can be really hard and unrecognized by the world..
I believe that raising another human being to be a virtuous, loving,skilled, passionate person is the greatest things you can do in life.. and can give the world.

I do wish that more people felt that way... 

But when I have moments like this where we got lots done and had lots of fun and giggles and my sweet girl is taking a nap and cuddling me and I feel like queen of the world...

Everything [all of the exhaustion and days that feel like I worked really hard and didn't have very much to show from it] are just all worth it..

And although clearly we have some rough nights {and really good hair days} 
I'm grateful for this sweet un napping baby that made me a mom and teaches me about being selfless and unconditional love..
&& smiling in the morning when we are running off of just a few hours of sleep..

However.. if anyone wants to cast a magical sleeping spell on my baby for a couple of hours in the afternoon.. you are a welcome guest.

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