Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh Happy Easter!

I love Spring.. It always was my favorite season growing up. I think that it's a time of year that everything feels so fresh and clean..

& Partly because of that I think Easter is the best.

I think it's wonderful to have an opportunity to remember and celebrate our Savior and the most important event in history.
Because He Lives.. I have everything that matters in my life.

But I will be the first to admit that it's hard to find a good balance between the true reason we celebrate Easter & all of the yummy reeses eggs and candy.. and hiding and finding of easter eggs.. and the
 Easter Bunny.

Because don't get me wrong I love traditions and I love any opportunity we have to celebrate and have fun.

So of course we dyed Easter eggs too and we taught Emery the unfortunate thing about childhood- 
That your parents make you wear Easter Bunny Ears and Santa hats and as fun as it is to everyone but you.. it just is a hard fact of life, right?
Poor Baby.
{But she was so darling.. I really did love every second of it. We will see just how long I can get away with this!}

But I was so grateful that this year Conference Weekend fell on Easter!

[twice a year our church leaders get together and give wonderful talks and it's broadcasted- so not only is it completely spiritually uplifting but we can watch cuddling in our pajamas at home- best weekend ever]
It seemed like our whole weekend was able to revolve around Jesus and helped me reflect on the person that I want to be.

[Also please note Emery's poor Easter basket.. someone was a huge procrastinator and foolishly thought that the night before Easter there would still be at least ONE Easter basket still for sale.. 
I don't know what the world does with so many Easter baskets but Emery ended up with a cute new laundry basket and I ended up with a new resolve to get my act together before my children are old enough to know that laundry baskets are not real Easter baskets!]

And this was kind of what our weekend looked like..
Can you tell how dang much we miss this man while he is gone for 12 plus hours a day during the week?!

I'm so torn between wanting these next few years to fly by so that our Optometry School days will be done.. and wanting them to drag on so that I can savor every baby moment with this wonderful girl of ours.

CLEARLY though there are beautiful things about every phase of life..
I know it might just be because I am the mom of this lovely human but this picture makes my heart skip a beat.

Lately.. even though she has so much energy and emotion and can be a lot more work than I anticipated and she definitely keeps me on my toes and I crawl into bed at night absolutely exhausted..
I seriously can't help but thank my Heavenly Father and constantly think that I must be the luckiest girl in the world getting to kiss this perfect face all day.

[Even though I'd be lying if I didn't say I was grateful for the help this weekend.. Blake check eyes from home and stay with us forever. ]

& Back to the purpose of this post- thank goodness for celebrating NEW LIFE!
I hope everyone's Easter was filled happiness and hope and [[all the chocolate Resees eggs your heart desired]]

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