Friday, April 10, 2015

The World Beneath Our Feet

So a couple of weeks ago we had been planning on making a trip to Austin.. 
{who knows what's actually in Austin- it's just close ish & sounded like a good idea- so that was "the plan"}

But I ended up with quite the head cold and the night before came and we sat down and realized that we had not planned for this trip at all.. but since Blake was out of school..
This is a big deal over here
[& since I wasn't about to let that terrible head cold conquer a  wonderful day that Blake actually had off]

We decided to take a shorter trip and go cave adventuring here in San Antonio...

And oh how I wish I were a photographer.. because my pictures just don't do this beautiful underground palace justice.. can you believe that this is just existing underneath our feet everyday & we don't even know it?

Well I definitely was pretty in awe.. I really think this was one of the most spectacular naturally made caves I've ever seen. The things that you can find in San Antonio are still just blowing me away.
I do have to say that I miss living in a town where you know everyone.. but being able to see something like this in a day {probably even half a day} trip is wonderful to me..

And even though these caves with walk ways aren't Blake's first choice of caves.. 
He is more the spelunking on dangerously high cave walls and cliffs that have never been explored before and drop to your imminent doom kind of guy..

It was fun to have a family outing that we could bring Emery to {because she so clearly thought that it was a very interesting place to be- ha she really was very cute at first though and looking around checking everything out-please see exhibit: a couple of photos below} and where I didn't feel like crying a little as we went through and I was trying to keep up with Blake and his adventurousness. 

Fun Fact though.. the first place that Blake and I held hands was actually inside of a cave.
He convinced me to stay behind so that we could crawl through the shadows and scare our friends but somehow we just got really far behind and it was dark and so he held me hand so I didn't trip and we didn't lose each other as we tried to find our way back out..

Was that his plan all along? 

We have different opinions on the matter.. but since he is not the author of this blog.. I believe so.
 Somehow though his trickery worked out for us and he has been bringing me to old volcanic caves and ice filled caves and all kinds of caves ever since so it was probably about time we found a Texas one.

I wish that this is what we could spend all of our days doing..
I really love this little family of mine.

I think that starting our relationship and even marriage where we were both going to school together and could meet for lunch and in the library in between classes and even take classes together has ruined me a forever because man do miss this man like crazy through out the day.

We probably should have become farmers and created a job where we could just all work together at home as a family all day.
But for now since we already have a couple too many Optometry School loans for that option at this point..
{& hope that someday this will turn into a good family job and I will see my husband again}

I'm just grateful for days off and little adventures like these.

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