Friday, October 3, 2014

My New Life as a Sweatshop Worker.. I mean.. Seamstress {& a small sneak peak of the nursery}

So with just over 10 weeks left until this baby girl comes..
[& That is if she doesn't come a single day early..]
I have been figuring it's probably about time to start getting things ready for her..
But when I started looking around at bedding.. and clothes.. and things for the nursery..
Everything was adding up quick.

So as much as I have to admit that I would have loved if I could have just ordered everything I wanted and had someone else put it all together.. I started making some ambitious goals.
And our house has kind of looked like a sweat shop the last couple of weeks..

I would never have referred to myself as a sewer.. I still am not sure that I would because...
[I mean really is.. sewer.. even a word?!]
Trust me I will not be selling what I am making on Etsy any time soon.

However I must really love this baby girl.. because as looooong as it has taken me to stress about plan, coordinate, and make everything I think things are finally starting to come together.
Here is a {very} little sneak peak into our nursery 
{or more just our nursery bedding}..

Ta Duh.
I made all of it.. the bed skirt, crib sheet, the whole cabudal. 
 & If you want a tutorial for the crib sheet I would be HAPPY to direct you to the one I used.
The rest of it I kind of just made up as I went.. which I would be happy to explain that to you too.. just don't be expecting anything professional sounding.

However I have to say that I am actually really excited about how it turned out..
[the teething rail comes up in swoops & it's hard to tell so I'm going to have to change the bows..
but other than that..]
 And.. one of the best parts {besides our child will have somewhere to sleep} is that I spent about $45 dollars making everything.. where on Etsy the bedding that looked just like this that I liked was anywhere from $300-$500 or more. 
Just in case you're getting ambitious ideas yourself.. I do have to be honest and say, that if I knew what I was doing it would have even cost less because I had about twice as much fabric as I needed for the rail cover dangit.

After I add pillows and finish putting everything together.. I will be sure to show everyone.

Don't judge this creation yet.. haha This is the beginning of what I think is going to be a very awesome mobile...
& Was essentially free because we used branches from our back yard and I sewed the birds out of left over fabric. So as soon as Blake gets a break from school and can help me put it all together/hang it all up..
trust me, it's gonna be good.

And... dun dun duh..

I am at the end of my 29th week!

This week has been a little rough for me.. {which if you've asked me about my pregnancy in the last week just skip this section because I'm sure you know} I feel like I have been going through a near quarter life crisis of sorts.

People have been really nice, and I have been getting comments like "wow you can actually tell now?!".. 
But despite my eating extra yogurt and snacks between meals since I have been paranoid from our last Doctors appointment..
I lost weight at the beginning of the week. I almost died. I even cut out a couple of my running/work out days this last couple of weeks because I was worried I was burning too many calories.
So even though I have worried [& worried and worried] and can I clarify that I have never had the problem of accidentally losing weight in my life.. until of course I am trying to gain it.

But she is still SO active.. and it's pretty awesome because she leans against the outside of my stomach so if you rub your hand against my stomach you can feel her body.

So short of gorging myself with donuts I really am not sure what else to do.. so I am just going to be healthy and pray and wait until our ultra sound next Tuesday.

I hope everyone's enjoying the beginning of October and Fall..
[San Antonio..still seems to believe it might be I have been enjoying everyone's pictures of pumpkins and leaves. Hopefully this city is just a late bloomer]
& I will update about life and things other than baby soon..

Happy Friday.


  1. I had that same problem with my first. I didn't star showing from what others could tell until like 26 weeks and even then it wasn't much. I only gained a total of 15 and also had an ultrasound cuz I was measuring small. I ended up just having low fluid and they induced me two weeks early to make sure all was well. He was a perfect 6 pound 8 oz. Healthy and happy, so don't you worry. I'm getting checked again with this pregnancy in a couple weeks to make sure fluid level is ok this time. So don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine. Some of us just have a hard time gaining weight but I'm sure baby is fine :) good luck! You're such a cute little mama!

  2. Congrats for your baby! I really like you made all the decoration for the baby's room, is what I want to do too when I have my first baby! :) i'm glad you're feeling better and i've seen you took many pictures of your belly, you can make a nice collage with all the pictures together later.