Tuesday, October 21, 2014

::32 Weeks::

Only 8 weeks left of this being pregnant business, 
 probably life as I know it, 
annnd not being able to hold our little girl in my arms..

[& Only 6 1/2 if there is some cooperation and she comes when I am hoping she will..:) ]
Can you believe it?!
I know I sure can't..  it's sounding so soon all of the sudden.

But boy.. as far as comfort level of my body.. 
[& not considering what we do and don't have for her]

I am feeling ready to trade my fat belly for a baby..

I definitely have been feeling bigger.. and/or that our baby girl is bigger. 
Granted I haven't exactly had anyone exclaiming to me "Wow you're about to Pop"

[In fact just over a week ago at church I had a couple of people that came up to me explaining that I was just starting to show...lovely. so this previous pudginess has looked normal?]

But it's okay, a couple of weeks ago we had an extra 30 week ultra sound by Dr.'s orders to make sure that everything was still normal and the baby wasn't measuring small..
& Much to my relief she looked awesome! It was so crazy to me how big she was actually. She was completely folded in half, like her feet were right next to her head, and there was not any extra room in there really.. poor thing.

She was in the 47th percentile (which if you're like me and haven't had kids and don't understand the percentile thing.. 50th is apparently average and anything above or below is just that.. big or small)
So baby girl is right where she should be.. I guess my body is just holding her in tighter.. since according to the obscure measurement of centimeters I am measuring a few weeks small. 

And MUCH more exciting than the numbers of the ultra sound (even though it was much harder to see more than one part of her at a time, unlike in the 20 week one since she was a lot bigger) was that you could see that she had hair.. and chubby cheeks. She is becoming quite the little human.
And at that time.. not that I am quite sure how they can tell.. they informed us that she weighed just about 3 little lbs.

On to more recent events.. 
This week has definitely been the BEST & the most UNCOMFORTABLE week of pregnancy to date.

She is moving soo much.. it is so fun. Blake and I have been just loving it.. and she is more interactive than ever before.
If you push on her she will push/kick back.. and she is stretching like crazy. & The coolest part is that when she stretches or moves you can see it in my belly and if you push or rub right there you can feel her foot or leg or head.
It's starting to make everything seem a lot more real.. I don't know if every baby moves this much but I am grateful to feel her.. and for her. 
{despite my lack of ability to breath and very sore ribs}

Last night at dinner she was stretching really big so Blake was feeling her feet/leg and looked at me and said, "Our baby is soo cute." 
Haha.. We sure love you already our little one.  

Last Saturday we had our mere SEVEN hour birthing class.. 
This picture makes me laugh so much.. Blake was such a good sport with everything..
Even when they made us do things like practice putting the baby through the pelvis in different ways so that we could see what worked better..
{And trust me.. this wasn't even very weird compared to when we got to practice birthing positions.. that was a part-ay.}

Blake and I were easily the youngest couple in there and easily the most involved/laughing. Both of us were cracking up through out the day.. I was so grateful to have him there.. and am so grateful to have him going through this experience with me.
Because even though I am glad we went to this long class since it was really informative and good for us to have an idea of what's going on..
Some of this stuff was seriously funny you guys.. & I really hope I still feel that way during labor.

Um this is what they pull your baby out with if everything isn't going how it's supposed to..
No. No. No.
I am not even going to horrify you with all of the possible side effects.

Please pray for a healthy.. normal.. boring.. labor for me you guys.
Oh please.

Another funny thing of pregnancy?

Because no one would have thought  but.. they are real my friends. 
& If you are not getting a baby out of the deal I wouldn't wish them on anyone... those Charley Horses are a killer.

But overall the excitement definitely makes being so cramped and unable to breathe.. not that bad.
Hopefully we can pull her nursery together and make/get what she needs in the next few weeks despite the busyness of school and then I will definitely share all of the fun projects I've been working on.

What a blessing this experience is/has been.. I know I joke a lot about discomfort and things my body has been going through.. but I just wanted to share that I feel so so lucky to be getting my sweet daughter this way and to have a loving husband that will take care of her and cherish her like she deserves.

Life is kind of a crazy, wonderful, mind blowing thing.

Here is to the last few weeks!

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