Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reflecting on Life.. and Halloween of course..

 It's kind of hard for me to believe that a YEAR ago tomorrow we were just flying into San Antonio for the very first time for Blake's first Optometry Interview..

We loved the warmth and how green it was.. 
[I'm not so sure about all of this right now as I keep waiting for San Antonio to get with the Fall/leaves changing program]
We loved the people and how kind they were, the lights and all there was to do, and I think we just loved how new it all seemed. 

The only thing I was really hesitant about was the crazy amounts of people and traffic.. and the night before Blake's interview as we zipped in and out of the interstates and cars I said a prayer and basically just asked 
"Could we really possibly live HERE?"
I can't describe the overwhelming peace and warmth all through my body all of the sudden.
It was an absolute answer of yes if I had ever heard one..

& Ever since then I have known for some reason right now this is right for us & where we need to be..

And I'm in disbelief still at how much we have been blessed and all that's happened since my prayer, my last birthday {which was also a year ago tomorrow & the reason I got to sneak on that plane with my husband for his optometry interview..} and our first time in San Antonio.

School for one. For how hard we have to work to get in and how much we have to pay to be here.. and how much I know it is a blessing and we have wanted this..
Some days I wish it would just go away and we could just have real jobs that make real money and spend real time together at the end of the day instead of having homework and studying.
It was a big midterm week for me.. and every week lately seems to be a big test week for Blake.. so it's been a little stressful over here in our household.

Secondly.. it was a year ago this month that we found out at 12 weeks pregnant our first baby had stopped developing and our pregnancy was going to end in a miscarriage.
That was something that's still hard but that brought us so much closer together and has helped us appreciate everything we are getting to experience with our baby girl now. I wake up every morning feeling so humbled when I feel her kicking and wiggling around.

And SO many other countless blessings that we have experienced through this last big year of change, that I won't continue to list all out today, but I know have come from following our answers to prayers..

 But anyway on to life today..despite the busyness.. I have always felt so strongly that we need to make time for life NOW instead of putting things off and saying when we are graduated, or when we have kids, or when we have money.. because life will matter then.. but it matters now too and every phase of our life has something fun and different to offer.

So this last week we have tried to make a little bit of time to celebrate the fun  season of Fall and Halloween..
& Even though pumpkin patches in San Antonio so far for me just aren't quite up to par with pumpkin patches in Idaho.. and their Fall Festivals are right in the middle of the city..
It still has been a lot of fun to get out and I sure have been loving my Blake time.


 {This is completely a side note.. triggered by the fact that I look bigger but not super pregnant in this picture... lately I have to be honest and say that I have felt unflattered by flowy clothes that I normally love or most pictures of me.. & probably I understand because my body is paler, bigger, take your pick different than what I am used to.. 

But Blake and I last night were in shock at how much I have grown in the last couple of days..
-I actually have been looking/feeling pregnant not just chubby, it's crazy to everyone
so I was looking up on baby center to see how big Emery is and it was talking about how at this stage MOST pregnant women are reporting feeling sexy..... um what?! Who are these women?
If you do not fall under this category of most women at 33 weeks pregnant.. you are not alone.. not only do I not feel this way I almost passed out of shock that any {especially most} women feel this way.
I'm refusing to believe it. }

 Alright, now that my random side note/outburst is through.. this post ended up being a lot more wordy and reflective than I had originally intended it to be..
So if you can believe it I will stop with the commentary and let you just browse through the rest of our Halloween festivity..


I hope everyone has the BEST Halloween ever tomorrow.. and eats all of the candy they ever dreamed of.

Tomorrow is going to be our first Halloween in a real live house with hopefully real live trick-or-treaters
 [& I am WAY too excited about this] 
So if you happen to find yourself in Texas and want to give me the best birthday present ever.. come stop by!

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