Thursday, September 25, 2014

Botanical Gardens By Night

So this new phase of our lives has definitely been an adjustment..

Going from me being able to work full time & actually even both of us working full time before we moved.. To being VERY poor graduate school students with baby bills..
Has been actually fun in so many ways but a little bit stressful financially..

We have had to budget down to the dollar.

But with that being said I have had a greater appreciation for what we do have and for coupons and sales and especially for things that are free!
So one night when Blake and I were feeling a little bit down about what we could afford to do we sat down and just looked together through different websites and whatever we could find and made a list of different free events going on in San Antonio that looked fun..

& I was SO excited when we stumbled across this..

The San Antonio Botanical Gardens were hosting a movie night right in the middle of the gardens..
Normally it cost money to just come and look around in them, but this night after they were closed for normal hours.. everything was free.

So of course I begged Blake to let us go early so we could explore the gardens before the movie..

& Like I imagined, they were just beautiful..
And it was really nice being able to walk around them while there actually weren't very many people there.

And not having very many other people to witness our actions..we got to do our favorite thing and act like little kids and climb over all of the fun things they had in the gardens.

[A lot of the times I feel like we have a big joke going on and are just pretending to be adults.. but people keep going along with it so why make them feel bad and tell them they are wrong..]

 Luckily, they must have known we were coming because they had chairs ready for us that fit perfectly...

Besides the fact that I could barely get back out {it must have been gravity the comfort pulling me back in}
I think these will probably our next dining room chair purchase.

They even had a really awesome Lego exhibit around the park..
[Some people's talents absolutely amaze me.. me and my siblings were pretty proud when we built a house for our lego men..]
But after this awesome creation we actually ran into someone I had met at a girls night a couple of weeks ago and her husband {who also is going to Optometry school} so of course they were awesome and we got talking and ended up walking around the gardens getting to know them..
& Since I have limited absolutely no multi-tasking abilities that was about where my picture taking of the exhibits ended.

But I have to say that I have had so much fun exploring this city and getting to know the sweet people here..
It's amazing what there is when you are willing to explore and find it..
& I am grateful for someone who is willing to humor me and loves to find new places and have fun with me.
What a blessed girl I am.

And then after the Sunset we got to lay down and watch a movie in the middle of all of the beautiful flowers and plant life with our new friends..
It was a dream summer night out for me, just what the doctor ordered.

I think if we can survive the near death experiences insane amounts of traffic and roads and interstates in this city..
[Justtt kidddding mom.. I don't have near death experiences.. don't start worrying..]
I really could get used to it here.
I am loving all that living in a city has to offer to and explore now that it has cooled down a couple of degrees.

I guess we will probably stick around for a few more years..

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