Wednesday, September 24, 2014

::28 Weeks::

So I had my 28 week appointment yesterday..
[& a Whooping Cough shot.. which my arm is still screaming to remind me of.. oh shots.. what a necessary evil..]

And things went alrighttt... 
They did the gestational diabetes testing.. and a shot..
[I prolonged the flu shot another week.. because I am a baby.. but when you get older people seem to occasionally listen to your whining, it's wonderful]

And baby girl was moving lots and her heart was beating perfectly healthy.. 

But there was good news.. and slightly NOT as good of news.
The good news is we get to see her in a couple of weeks because we are going to have another ultrasound.
Yay.. those are the only Dr. visits I find very fun.

The not as good of news is we are having the extra ultra sound because I am measuring small.. 
so I think they just want to make sure that everything's healthy.
& As a first time mom.. and pregnancy that's gotten this far.. I worry about everything but don't really know what else to do.
She is moving quite a bit.. and I am eat when I am hungry.. so I guess we will just pray and let you know in a couple of weeks how things are.

Also according to the nurse I have still only gained 6 lbs.. 
{BUT they also didn't let me eat for a few hours before my diabetes test..and when they weighed me.. 
so who's fault is that I ask you}
I took these pictures too..{not because I look way different than last week.. or because these are very flattering} but because what fun is a blog without pictures, and I wanted to show you thats it's the weirdest thing if I lean back or am laying down on my back you can hardly tell I'm pregnant.
 [not that I do that.. because they tell you not to haha... & I really don't very offften but she seems to move a lot when I'm on my back so sometimes when Blake wants to feel her she leaves me no choice..;)]

Bodies are weird. I have just never paid so much attention to mine.

Things are pretty similar this week to last..
Except for I have been EXHAUSTED. That's probably my least favorite thing.. since I am not a huge sleeper and I normally have quite a bit of energy, this is kind of killing me.

It's also quite an adventure finding things to wear everyday. I still haven't bought any maternity clothes..but I do have to be a little more creative with my clothes since it's hot here and my belly is making my dresses too short.
I can also still wear jeans but it kind of pushes her up into my ribs and isn't as comfortable as before.
 I am having an internal struggle since we are pretty tight on money and I would only wear these clothes for a few months.. the fact that I haven't grown in 10 years has hindered my ability to reach top shelves but spoiled me in the clothes area.
[only TWELVE more weeks! Hallelujah.]

So I think that's about all pregnancy today.. but let me just reiterate one final warning..
TDAP shots.. {aka whooping cough} apparently immobilize {yeah I'm exaggerating.. a little} your shoulder 
for days. So food for thought because let me assure you no one will tell you this at the hospital.. they are into putting your health above your dislike of needles.. weird.

& On that note.. I hope everyone's having a good week. :)

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