Tuesday, September 16, 2014

::27 Weeks::

So when I first decided to start a blog it was mostly because I thought a couple of other blogs were really fun to read & I thought it would be a good way to record life/remember experiences.

&& One of those blogs writes what she calls Tuesday Tidbits every Tuesday to keep track of what her kids are doing and how they are growing.. SO I thought that might be fun with my last tri-mester just to keep track of my pregnancy and what's changing since I haven't been very good about journaling or blogging about it and it would be fun to remember.
 {at least for me & hopefully for others to be a part of this exciting experience in my life}

SO this week I am 27 Weeks along.. 
[[6 months exactly & 3 more until full term]]

01.I have gained about 7-8 lbs (from my regular weight) to this point.. but I did lose 6 lbs from my normal weight right when I first got pregnant because I was so sick..
So although I'm not quite where they tell me I'm supposed to be my Dr.'s seem to accept this. 
{I'm not really sure what their other option would be.. stuff with me with donuts?}

This is me on my way out the door to my prenatal yoga class.. I'm the second smallest person in the class next to the girl that is 14 weeks along. But I have definitely been getting bigger..
Last night Blake looked at me and was like, "Hailey you look like you're going to pop." & I was excited and like "REALLY?!" Then he laughs and says, "Well.. No. But you definitely look pregnant." 
I'll take what I can get.

02.I actually feel pretty good minus the nose bleeds and charley horses at night..
& I will say I am more tired and hungry than normal.. but if I squeeze in a 30 minute nap during the day I feel like I still can get quite a bit done and not have it bother me too much.

03. I can't run as much as I could before I was pregnant {probably because I'm already that weird mom that is overly paranoid about hurting baby girl} but I still try to run until I'm uncomfortable and do lots of elliptical and yoga.

04. Um she kicks harder and harder every day.. when it's not on my bladder I absolutely love it. It's nice to know she is doing okay..

05. I am normally way anti eating right before bed.. but lately, especially if I have gone out and am getting back late, if I don't eat a bowl of cereal when I get home I think I'm going to die..
& 3/4 times if it's at night it's probbbably Captain Crunch {which I never eat in the morning}..   
really healthy right.

06. And finally..it is impossible for me to wear my hair down from a bun around here.. I can't decide if it's because I am hot because I am pregnant or if it's that I am hot because Texas is absolutely ridiculously hot. 
[or possibly because our a/c is broken for the 3rd time in the last month and a half.. because that is awe.some. too]
But I guess we will probably never know until next summer.

& I hope this picture doesn't offend everyone in the world..
If it does just pretend my belly is part of the wall since it blends in pretty well with it's lack of sun interaction.
I actually don't really like bare belly maternity pictures.. BUT I took this picture for me and then was thinking I don't know if I don't post it on here if I would be able to find it again.
& Since I can't put this in my journal I wanted to save it for me.. My favorite thing is to look at the difference between my ribs and my belly I feel like that is what makes me feel the most huge pregnant.

My next Dr.'s appointment is next Tuesday so we will see if anythings different.
But I am {probably deliriously} hoping that she will come in 10 1/2 weeks.. 1 1/2 weeks early when Blake gets out of school.. I want her to come as far from Christmas as possible.
So mark your calendars.. December 6th. 

Maybe we can pray/I can run her out into the world..

Thanks for everyone who has been so kind and encouraging about this experience.. I don't know what we would do without our sweet family and friends.
It definitely wouldn't be fun, I love you guys.

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