Thursday, September 4, 2014

25 Weeks DOWN.. and Only 15 to Go!

So at my doctors appointment this week we got AWESOME news...
They are moving my due date UP a week! Woo hoo!
That means that this last monday I was 25 weeks.. 6 months pregnant!
[I have to be honest and say that every dr.'s appointment I secretly hope for this.. so I had to restrain myself from hugging my doctor and screaming for joy as I jumped up and down]
That more importantly means that my due date is now December 16th vs.. December 22nd.
Please Baby Girl come before Christmas!! 
[Although I will also say that my final is December 17th.. so things could get pretty crazy come December.. but I'm still thrilled.. the further from Christmas the better]

This was me on Tuesday so.. 25 weeks.
I love this picture.. but its a little deceptive and probably makes me look a little bigger than I actually am..
(but that's why I think I like it.. you're finally starting to be able to tell I am pregnant hallelujah!).
So here is my little update on my pregnancy..
Being pregnant is so awesome.. and so strange at the same time.
There are many things that make me feel like my body is shutting down on me..
Like these nose bleeds I get like FOUR times a day.. and I dont just mean I blow my nose and there is blood.. I mean full on out of control running down my face soaking the tissue nose bleeds. Lovely.
Second of all.. who in the world knew what a Charly Horse was?
I wake up in the middle of the night screaming because of the horrible things happening in my calves.. & Then it hurts for days after.
Eat Bananas They Say. Drink Water They Say.
I have been eating bananas daily and if you sawww how much I drink and how many bathroom breaks I have to take you would be embarassed for me. Yet, I had a horrible Charly Horse episode last night... explain that one.
I give up.. go ahead and self explode body.
But there are things that are really awesome.. I love love love feeling her move..
[she does have a name that we refer to her by.. but we haven't really talked about announcing it to the world yet so I will save that for another day just in case]
& She sure is a mover, sometimes I can't even believe it.
[I think we are both a little worried about when she is out of the womb]
 The other day I was laying on my side going to sleep & probably partly leaning on my stomach and obviously she must have felt squished because she started thumping ((like a rabbit)) over & over again really fast & hard.
Oh Blake and I thought it was so funny I couldn't bring myself to roll over and let her be more comfortable until we had both laughed and got to feel her.. poor thing.
Over all though.. despite my bodily malfunctions.. being pregnant makes me really happy.

This is probably a more accurate picture of my real belly size.
I think since I was pretty sick at the begining of my pregnancy and lost 6 lbs I haven't gained as much weight as everyone seems to be explaining that I need to have.
Up until a couple days ago if I weighed myself first thing in the morning I had only gained about 2 lbs over my normal weight.
Butttt at my doctors appointment
{I did eat quite a bit before going because I was scared of this topic} I was about 6 lbs over my normal weight.. hallelujah.
& Now I am under strict instruction that I need to start gaining at least a pound a week to make it to a healthy weight.. so we will see if I start growing fast during these last few months!
I feel like if you are eating/excersising/living healthy people probably should not tell you that anything is wrong, because I have found that especially as a first time mom you think the sky is falling and the world is ending and worry about EVERYTHING,
so weight has become one of "those" subjects in our house.
My first day of classes I sat next to a girl and as we were getting to know each other I mentioned that I was pregnant and was due in December.
She looked at me like I threw water in her face or just stole her cat..
& Exclaimed "December... like THIS December?! You don't even look pregnant!"
I so badly wanted to say.. nope.. next December.. I have really long pregnancies.
{But I didddn't}

& To be fair.. depending on what I am wearing and if you have met me before now.. sometimes it can be hard to tell.
 On a VeRY positive note however I DID have a man come up to me at the store today and tell me since I was pregnant he wanted to carry my things out to my car! Talk about making my life.. this is what I have been waiting for for the past 6 months. [& why I love Texas.. people are SO nice]
We are making progress here.

& Just because baby clothes are sooo cute.. and tiny.. I thought I would add in this picture of moccasins I found the other day for 2 dollars.
Blake asks me periodically, "Do you realize that you are having a baby human.. not a baby doll?!"
It's pretty much the same thing though right?
Nobody rain on my parade today and remind me of diapers and no sleep..
Today we are going to focus on the cuteness of baby clothes and the fact that I am finally starting to be able to share my pregnancy with the world.
There are good things going on over here.
Now if someone wants to come take a trip down to Texas and help me start figuring out everything we are going to need, instructing me on what I need to know to be a mom, and making things for the nursery.. there would be REALLY good things going on... no. pressure..


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  1. you look SO cute with your baby bump and those moccasins are amazing!!