Monday, August 18, 2014

Playing Hooky

[[April 2014]]

So April was just one of those months that a lot was going on and the busyness of life seemed like it kept us from hardly seeing each other and we kept talking about how we needed a little get away..

& Seeing as it was our 2nd year of marriage anniversary month..
It would make sense wouldn't it that I HAD to play hooky from work for a few days while we just got to enjoy life and took a break from everything.
And of course.. we had to have one final sha-bang before we moved away from one of my very favorite place in Idaho!
Destinations Inn.

This place really is the best..
They completely pamper you.. and you get to spend a night where it feels like nothing in the world matters and you can totally just relax..

 This hotel is where Blake and I actually had our wedding reception and it was our 3rd time actually staying in one of the awesome rooms here.. and my heart is a little broken that it might be the last..
[Yes, the faucet for that awesome jetted tub is the fire hydrant.. they make you feel like you in a completely different world and did I mention that I love it?]

So after feeling totally relaxed and spoiled for 15 hours..


We got a quick awakening back in to reality when we went out to the parking lot to leave..
Blake and I literally just stopped and stared at our car for a minute and I looked at him and had to ask, 
"Is that OUR car?!"
My best explanation in my mind was that maybe someone got us mixed up with a couple who had just gotten married.. ? It had rained the night before and so the paint had gotten wet and kind of run down the car so we couldn't really tell what it had started out as..
[& luckily the soggy oreos were in almost as appetizing of a condition..]

And then everything started getting really funny and making sense when my in laws pulled up behind us and started fixing all of the writing on the car..
I was dying laughing.. and only a little in shock that my sweet mother and father were the master minds behind this fiasco!
Blake's parents are seriously the funniest people and can be quite mischievous.. 
[a trait which my sweet husband definitely inherited, and one which I have been kind of concerned about for our future children.. but at least life won't be boring right..]

& Since I was bringing up earlier things I am really going to miss in a couple of months they are definitely at the top of that list.


Soo after a few laughs and a little detour for a car wash..

We skipped town and spent the day in Jackson Hole!

This was one place I had really fun memories of from family vacations growing up..
& I was really excited to spend the day here with Blake.
It was SO nice getting to just be together all day, since with work and school the last.. year.. during a regular week we don't always get to see each other for more than a few hours a day..

Oh I can't tell you how much I was in heaven relaxing walking down the streets holding hands and enjoying our time off and just seeing the sights and exploring the town..

 I took Blake to one of the places I remembered most from the trip here with my family..
Ripley's Believe it or Not

[It definitely makes an impression.. whether that's in nightmares or memories though its hard to say]

& Some of the things in there are definitely a little disturbing.. interesting.

& After I saw a few of the things in there I realized maybe that's why it's seared in to my memory as a child..
And why I have nightmares of two headed birds and spiders.. who really can tell.

After I got over the fact that I wouldn't be sleeping very soundly for the next few weeks..
Blake and I indulged our little children selves and played around for half the afternoon with illusional mirrors, spinning upside down rooms that made us walk crookedly for much longer than we would want to admit...

& All sorts of other treasures that kept us laughing all afternoon.

I am not sure if I am going to bring our kids to this museum anytime soon..
[I don't want them to need psychiatric attention before they start grade school..]
 but it definitely was what we needed to feel like we had gotten away from everything else going on..

& Then upon further exploration of this fun town.. we found many a new furry friend..

I am willing to deduct that there couldn't be any other place in Wyoming with such a collection of animals, we couldn't believe our eyes.... but luckily after Ripleys Believe It or Not.. nothing freaks you out quite as much as it would before.

I genuinely don't think I have ever seen so many different species of animals so close up before..

Too bad none of them seemed to have too much life in them. 

Jackson Hole.. you are one interesting town you.

Thanks for all the laughs and short getaway from responsibility. 

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