Monday, August 25, 2014

Big Life Changes

{July 2014}

So holy smokes.. these last few months I have barely felt like I had time to breathe..

& I have obviously really struggled to blog and keep everyone up to date with everything going on..
But we have so much fun looking back and remembering life and I don't want all of our memories to get lost in the busyness.. 
Therefore I am going to try and catch up a little bit.. 

So two nights before Danielle and Connor's wedding was my last night at work.. my last night getting to play with diamonds.. and my last night in Rexburg!
I have to say for as much as I have been looking forward to progressing in our life it definitely was bittersweet.
Rexburg is where I first lived on my own, where I have met so many amazing life changing friends, where I first met Blake and fell in love, where I got my college education, where I got banned from eating instant mashed potatoes, & besides for our little East Coast move/adventure where lots of my life has taken place over the past 5 years..

So I did feel a little nostalgic saying goodbye.. and I will always have a special place in my heart for Idaho.
Luckily I got to take a part of it with me.. a very favorite big part of it.

And I am so excited for our next big adventure and to be able to be stretched out of our comfort zone and to learn and grow with something new. 

Bright and early the morning after Danielle and Connors wedding... 
My awesome tired super human selfless in laws and Blake and I loaded up our 4 cars.
[one of which was.. yes.. this massive moving truck]
& Started our LONG move down to San Antonio..

My Doctor before we left commanded me that.. being pregnant.. I MUST get out of the car every 2 hours and stretch.
Well.. in a 24/25 ish hour drive I thought that was a little often BUT everyone else took this very seriously so get out every 2 hours we did. 
[Luckily the first night we got to take a little break and stop in Farmington to see my sweet Momma on her birthday and my family, minus of course my awesome brother serving a mission in Argentina, and help break up this crazy long slow drive and keep my sanity. I love you guys... come to San Antonio soon? :)]

Then the rest of the trip was spent praying we would would stay awake.. staying in questionable hotels... and actually really looking forward to those 2 hour stops where we could see another human person and this pregnant girl could go to the bathroom.. I mean stretch.

But after two and a half LONG days... we made it!

Blake and I were blessed enough to be able to live in a house through these next four of school.. 
& Holy smokes do we love it and are so so grateful to live here.. {now}

But that first day... after we had been driving and were exhausted we got there and the A/C was broken in 100 degree heat.
And our water was off so after quite the fiasco of figuring out how to turn it on.. the water started flooding our bedroom. Then we had to move things around in our bedroom and turn off the water=no water to drink, shower, or go to the bathroom..
We decided then that we needed a little break so we took the moving truck and were going to go and pick up our washer and dryer and lo and behold the transmission in our moving truck completely went out while we were driving there and we were stranded (in the 100 degree heat I repeat) at a gas station for hours.. multiple of them.. until a maintenance truck could come.

Then when my mother in law came and saved the day and brought me back to the house so I could get a car and go wait with Blake in air conditioning.. 
I was on my way back to the gas station when my nose just exploded and started bleeding everywhere 
{one of the beautiful perks of being pregnant it would seem}
& I was completely by myself in the city traffic with no Kleenexes so I am holding my hand up to my face as the blood pools and smears all over my face and runs down my arm and neck and all over my white shirt and pink pants and finally I pull over and just lose it and cry and cry and have to call my poor sweet mom and I can't help but wonder what in the world I am supposed to be learning from this day.

Then when I finally go to pick up Blake and he see's my blood smeared face/neck/arm/clothes we can't help but laugh a little bit..
& So we ended our day with a few tears, hot and exhausted in another hotel, definitely learning about the blessing of our trials. 

& The rest of the time my sweet in laws were here we got as much worked out as we could.. and tried to just ignore the rest of it and enjoy and focus on why we DO love San Antonio so much..

I really don't know how we would have gotten through that first week without these guys though..
Thanks for all for all of the help and support and getting through one hot week with us,  I couldn't love you guys more!

We got to go explore our awesome new schools where we will be spending the next four years of our lives..
[& When we got to Blake's school this sweet security guard appeared to be very bored and let us in the school and gave us the unofficial tour of the building.. it was absolutely awe.some. I couldn't be more proud of my sweet hardworking Optometry School student]

& Then everyone even helped me find my lecture hall..

That's about when everything started feeling so official and real and exciting!

Then the end of the week finally came and we had to say goodbye to everyone and be grown up and on our own again. Darnit.

But I will say having a little bit of time to sleep in and unpack and just be together for a little bit was such a dream come true.. I never wanted it to end. 
With work and everything going on lately I can't remember the last time we just got to have a break together.
So we took ourselves school shopping.

& Then I guess Blake decided being grown up meant being clean shaven again.. he just surprised me one Sunday afternoon and walked out of the living room without saying anything.. and a few minutes later I could hardly recognize this man I was married to!
I think he was in utter depression for a few days about his impulse decision.

I have to say that I really love both of these faces though and I have been so impressed with how hard he has worked before,during, & after our move to get our life together.
He really is my dream come true.

[& Sweetheart.. if you want to keep your facial hair somewhere in between these two pictures I wouldn't even be mad.. :)]

There have been so many things to get worked out and figured out lately and put back together but we really do love San Antonio just as much as when we first visited.. and I feel so lucky to have a husband that makes living anywhere feel like home. 

Things are definitely starting to settle down.. & if you're reading this I am so grateful you have stuck with me through the busyness thanks for all the love and support. I am such a blessed girl to have such wonderful family and friends and am hoping that now with a second to breath I will do a lot better at keeping everyone involved in this fun new life adventure!

Thanks for caring about us.. I love you all!

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